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What advantages does it have? How to set it? Let’s take a look.

In preparation for the summer and school vacations, we begin to check things of the to-do list. Pets to be looked after, plants to be taken care of and equally important, the house to be secured.

Smart locks enhance home security and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation. The dual verification mode is an added layer of security offered by smart locks. Let’s find out more about it and how it works.

What is dual verification mode?

Philips EasyKey locks have a general mode and a double verification mode. The general mode means that upon successful verification, the door can be unlocked by any of the access options, while the double verification mode requires a combination of fingerprints, PIN code and key tag to verify and unlock, adding another layer of protection for home security.

Philips EasyKey lock

Note that Philips facial smart door lock DDL702-8HW can be verified to unlock by any combination of face, fingerprint and PIN code, while Philips visual smart door lock DDL702-1HW requires both fingerprint and PIN code to be successfully verified to open the door.

How to enable the double verification mode?

The dual verification mode can be easily enabled both directly at the lock or via the Philips EasyKey APP. The user manual provides easy to follow instructions for the same.

When the dual verification mode is enabled, can I still unlock using the App?

Under dual verification mode, verification is required as a combination of fingerprint, PIN code, key tag, or face at the door lock to unlock the door. The door cannot be unlocked or locked on Philips EasyKey APP. In other words, when the dual verification mode is enabled, the door cannot be unlocked via Bluetooth or the mobile APP.

Also, once the dual verification mode is turned on, the 30-minute valid temporary PIN code will not be functional.

What other security features do Philips EasyKey locks offer?

In addition to this mode, Philips EasyKey is also equipped with a C-level lock cylinder. Plus, it also offers multiple security functions such as the outside forced lock, multiple alarms, and hidden PIN code.

Combining the above multiple functions with double verification mode, you can have a robust home security system.

To know more about these and other features and functions, visit the specific product pages or get in touch for a discussion.


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