Wifi IP Camera for baby and home monitor

WiFi IP Cameras to Secure Your Loved Ones


WiFi IP Cameras to Secure Your Loved Ones

Wifi IP cameras to monitor your loved ones at all times!

Leaving your loved ones with a nanny other than yourself can be stressful, be it your young children or elderly parents, your pets or even your home to a new house help. Yet situations demand that we do, leaving us feeling anxious about what may be happening. In this article, we will address the uses of a Wifi IP camera and how could it help us monitoring our babies, kids, nannies, pets, etc., sitting in the office, at work.

When does a need of a Wifi IP camera arise?

“I’m a working parent! My parents are old and I can’t be with them at all times! I live abroad while my parents live in their home country but i need to see them everyday! I have a pet at home and I need to be able to watch it when away! I’m a working mother and have a nanny at home to watch over my kids but I’m worried – Are they gentle and attentive? Is the interaction healthy and nurturing? Is the schedule set by me being followed?” These are just a few questions crossing your mind even as you leave your home.
While nothing can replace your presence, having home monitoring cameras can help ease your fears.
Not too long ago this option wasn’t as easily available as having a CCTV system meant big investment into a complex set up, needing professional installation and one that did not offer real-time footage. With IP Cameras, you can know what’s going on inside 24 x 7, where ever you may be whether it’s at work, at the mall or in a different part of the world.

So What Is An IP Camera?

Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras allow you to check in your home remotely by transmitting data through a computer network and the Internet. While a CCTV system is still relevant for banks, malls and large establishments, IP cameras are the perfect solution for homes. The ability to view your footage in real-time from a remote location, 2 way communication, wide angles and motion sensors are just some of the reasons why IP cameras have surpassed the capabilities of CCTV cameras.
Installed within minutes by just syncing to an app on your smart phone, these are plug and play devices with immense capability. Available with a variety of features to suit your specific need, whether you need a 360 degree view or the ability to remotely pan and tilt, you are only one purchase away from securing your space and loved ones.
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Which IP camera is best for me?

We have a range of Wifi IP cameras to choose from, ranging from the simplest, low budget Cleverdog Baby monitoring IP camera for Dhs 208, to the HD PTZ version from Yale for Dhs 997. 

Depending on your requirement, in terms of space – for a  one angle view of a room, at about 120 degree, you might like to consider the basic Cleverdog IP monitoring camera or the Yale 301W Home View IP camera. If your need requires, coverage of a whole room, then the more relevant versions would be the Cleverdog Panoramic Wifi IP camera which has a fish eye view, and when mounted on the ceiling of a corner of a room, it captures a 360 degree view of the room. If you need to have the flexibility of zooming in and out of your phone, to capture some parts in more detail, then consider the Yale Home View IP camera, Yale PTZ 303W. If you don’t have wifi, then you should consider the Cleverdog 3G IP camera where you could insert a SIM card and capture your home and loved ones, at all times. Lastly, if your need is to monitor your baby sleeping in his room, while you are eating your dinner or relaxing in the other room, but need to watch what’s happening, then consider the Wireless Digital Video baby monitor.


If you need help choosing the right security camera, give us a call at +971-4-3929312 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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