Clever Dog Video Door Bell

Cleverdog Smart Video Door Bell! Another Gadget or a Virtual Guard?


Cleverdog Smart Video Door Bell! Another Gadget or a Virtual Guard? Just Another new Gadget!!? What Do You think? Let’s analyze together..

So often than not, we find ourselves struggling to reach our home to receive THAT parcel. It could be, for the long awaited Gadget you ordered online or the pretty dress or a gift for a friend or that Tennis Racquet which your child always wanted!! But, you reached 15 minutes late and the Delivery Man was gone. Ahhh! A situation most of us can associate with!

What if..the Delivery Man, could ring the Bell & reach you, have a 2 minute conversation with you (when you are away) and be re-assured that the parcel is just for YOU! You would be delighted to know that when a visitor rings this Clever Dog Video Door Bell, you can not only SEE him on your Smartphone, HEAR him but even TALK back to him. While traveling or at office, you can still stay in touch with the Visitor who comes to your Home. Simply Tap to answer the phone and talkback with your visitor!

This Bell also doubles up as a Virtual Guard, with its unique built-in camera. On pressing the Bell, one is immediately intimated on who is outside their door. A visitor record is synchronized to the cloud, if the bell is unanswered for 15 seconds.

It’s a Feature Rich Bell which can be self installed. For more information, please also read this article.

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