Philips-603E-multiple-hooks mortise for large doors

Smart Locks for extra-large doors?

My villa features an extra-large front door. Can I install a smart door lock? Are there any factors to be considered to fit one?

UAE is synonymous with luxury, and the beautiful villas are where this is most apparent! When you think of a Dubai villa, you picture a huge mansion with sprawling lawns and landscaped gardens, head down the driveway and you’re greeted with the most stunning, larger-than-life doors that become the focal point of the house front.But what secures these heavy-duty and extra-large exterior doors?And which locks match up to these grand and luxurious doors?

Smart locks for large doors


Luxury doors need locks that match up to their grand appearance

Philips has filled in this gap in the large doors hardware market with the introduction of the Philips EasyKey 603E with a specialized hooked mortise. The lock features all the functions offered by Philips Smart Locks with the addition of extra latches that hook up along the full height of the door. Latching up at various points provides the extra security that prevents forced opening of the door with the use of force. It also stabilizes the door, keeping the alignment in check.

Philips-603E-multiple-hooks mortise for large doors ( Smart locks for large doors )


Philips EasyKey 603E with multiple latches along the length of large doors

Philips 603E smart lock is suitable for both wooden and metal doors. Best installed while the doors are in the manufacturing stage or at least the provision is worked in to install the lock once the door is fixed to the house. Especially for aluminum doors with hollow bodies, a metal jacket needs to be fixed in, where the lock can be placed at a later stage.


The lock mortise for Philips EasyKey 603e smart door lock

If you are in the process of designing a home or talking to door manufacturers, it’s best to discuss smart door locks at an early stage. Book an appointment for a free consultation with us, together with your door manufacturer to answer any questions and technical issues.
Smart locks for large doors  have also been installed on doors that are already in place and fitted with regular locks, requiring a bit of alteration or modification, so it’s not an impossible task.
Coming to the lock’s functions and features, it offers a built-in wifi module, allowing wifi connection without a gateway.

The semiconductor fingerprint sensor integrated into the door handle has a recognition speed of less than 0.5 s. Full of other useful features like silent mode, notifications and security alerts, external emergency power supply, this is a lock you can rely on.

To know more about the functions and features of Philips 603e smart door lock for large doors, view the product here

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