Philips 9300 WiFi Lock
What defines a well designed home? It is no longer limited to exterior appeal or the sprawling garden that surrounds it. A well-designed home is one that functions to serve the family’s lifestyle, taking into account their routines, creating a functional and comfortable space.

While a lot of time and resource is spent to pick out the best fittings and decor, a very important and practical aspect is unfortunately missed – access to the house!

With smart door locks now growing beyond a fancy ‘smart home’ gadget and becoming a mainstream, more and more families are able to enjoy the luxury of convenience of tailor-made access.

Best smart lock for a smart home

Philips EasyKey 9300 is a strong contender for the best smart lock for villas. With multiple access options, each member of the family can choose from fingerprint, PIN, key tag or the App.

Opt for the auto-lock feature if you constantly worry about leaving the door open. This robust lock backs you up with multiple security notifications and alarm options too. Equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, Philips 9300 wifi lock provides peace of mind. Check the lock status as well as the user log in real time!

Check user logs in real time

For families with young children or older members, the lock’s visual cues are instant indicators of the lock status. Blue smile curve indicates that the system is waking up and ready for use, green curve indicates successful verification, and red indicates successful locking.

Create & manage temporary keys if you can’t wait for house help or delivery to arrive!

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