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If you are going through the process of choosing a smart door lock, be it for your home, office or any other property, you will find the option of WiFi door locks amongst other options. In this post, we break down the features of WiFi smart locks and how you could use them.

1. Built-in Wifi or gateway:

Philips EasyKey 702e features a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows easy access to the internet. Philips EasyKey 9300 on the other hand comes equipped with a gateway that can be configured to the lock to make it wifi capable.

Wifi lock
Philips 9300 + Gateway(left) OJI XT8 with G2 gateway(center) Philips 702e with built-in gateway(right)

The Oji Smart Locks range can be easily upgraded to a WiFi lock by adding the compatible G2 gateway and open up access to even more functions! This is particularly useful if you intend to manage keys remotely – including deleting or modifying keys that have already been shared.

2.Check access records: WiFi locks keep you updated with the access records for your door. Once your lock has been paired with the App, you can refresh to view access records anytime. Whether the lock has built-in wifi like Philips EasyKey 702e or works with a gateway, for example Philips EasyKey 9300 or Oji XT8 smart lock and the Oji Code+ Smart Door Lock, user log is there for the admin to view.

View real time user logs on Oji Smart App(left) and Philips EasyKey App(right)

3. Remote video monitoring: – A lock with built-in viewer like the Philips 702-1HWS lets you view the real-time situation at the door anytime. Link to the Philips EasyKey App and click on the video button on the App to view the real time situation at the door. When the visitor presses the doorbell, a 2-way intercom chat is started with the visitor. 

Philips 702-1HWS with built-in door viewer(left) Philips 9300 + Philips Smart Door Viewer (right)

The same can be achieved by combining a Philips Smart Door Viewer with the Philips EasyKey 9300 lock, with the added advantage of being able to unlock the door remotely for your visitor.

Depending on the PIR settings defined by the owner, images or short video clips can also be saved and alerts pushed to the Philips EasyKey App.

5. Real time alerts & notifications: Receive crucial security notifications and alerts when certain set criteria are triggered, for example forced entry, an attempt to dismantle the lock etc.

Receive notifications when parents and children unlock the door to ensure the security of your family.



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