features of Oji Smart App

What are the top features of Oji Smart App?

Oji Smart App has been developed for use with Oji Smart Door Locks. It offers a wide range of features and functions for convenient use of the lock, whether it is a door lock, a parking lock or even a padlock.

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The App also offers a web platform for easy management.

features of Oji Smart App
  • Remote locking / unlocking: Lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world using the Oji Smart App on your phone.
  • Visitor management: Grant access to your property to a visitor using the App and manage visitor entry. Using the App, you can also schedule guest access, allowing access only during a designated time frame as set up by the host. 
  • User log:  Use the App to track who enters and exits the property and the time.
  • Battery Level: The App clearly displays battery level on the screen, reminding you to recharge when it is running low.
  • Auto-unlock: Detects if the phone is nearby and unlocks the door automatically (within 1 foot of the lock).
  • App management – You can use the Oji Smart App to unlock your door or lock it from the outside, view and delete access records, and add new users.

Oji Smart App is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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