Smart Lock for Interior Doors

A new product we have added to our extensive range of smart locks is the new Oji Sigma lock, a smart lock for interior doors. 

Whether it is families who want to keep certain areas of the house private or for professionals with a home office who prefer to keep their workspace secured, Oji Sigma fills the gap.

Oji Sigma lock is a retrofit lock with can be used in tandem with your existing door handle, replacing just the cylinder.

Oji sigma lock

Equipped with an auto-locking feature, it is a secure and convenient option. Just unlock using one of the many access modes available, including fingerprint, Oji Smart App, code and key tags and the lock unlocks by itself. 


It also locks back once the door is shut.

The lock is battery powered plus it can be unlocked by back up keys. The battery level is visible on the app, a visible reminder to change the batteries when they run low

So why not gift yourself a smart lock for your interior doors? The convenience that comes with it is a gift that keeps on giving.

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