philips easykey smart door lock

As the leading smart lock distributor in Dubai, we work to bring the best products to a very demanding market. Be it the residents of UAE or businesses – everyone strives to stay ahead in the technology game. With a commitment to source and supply the best and most suitable smart locks, we are constantly testing products. 

Philips EasyKey Alpha smart door lock

Over the last few months, one of our top performers in terms of customer selection has been the Philips EasyKey Alpha. Here’s what makes Philips Alpha the “Alpha” of all smart door locks.

User friendly

Philips Alpha is one of the most user friendly locks. The convenient push-pull handle is designed for intuitive and effortless keyless entry.

In-built voice guide function is extremely handy for your youngest as well as oldest family members.

philips easykey smart door lock
Philips EasyKey Alpha, is one of the best smart locks for homes.


It works with Bluetooth and offers easy App based unlocking. Lock and unlock the door via APP and manage access remotely.

The app also gives you the option to create a One time code which becomes invalid after a single use- a very convenient feature if you have visitors in your absence.

Apart from the app, other unlocking options include fingerprint, Card, PIN and mechanical keys.


The auto-locking feature allows you to just walk out without having to worry about locking behind you or even looking back to check. This also eliminates any security risk caused by doors left unlocked.

Dual verification feature provides high-security, requiring any two combinations of fingerprint, PIN code, and card verification.


The lock consumes low power, not requiring frequent battery changes, leaving you at ease. Low battery reminders will keep you up to date with battery status. 

Philips Alpha Fingerprint smart lock
Philips EasyKey Alpha smart door lock is a reliable fingerprint lock

Philips Alpha lock features a FPC fingerprint sensor which is 21% faster than normal sensors, unlocking in less than 0.5 seconds!

Elegant design

Alpha really stands out for its sophisticated look and finish. Made from high-grade aluminum alloy, the Philips EasyKey alpha showcases superior strength and resilience in its design.

Philips Alpha-UAE
Excellent finish and robust build make Philips EasyKey Alpha smart lock a popular choice for homes

To check out more options with fingerprint locks, check out our article that outlines some of our best fingerprint lock options.


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