Have Your World at your Fingertips with Fingerprint Smart Locks


Fingerprint Smart Locks for homes and commercial properties
Have Your World at your Fingertips with Fingerprint Smart Locks. A person walks up to a door, places his finger on it, the door opens and within seconds he is inside the house and the door shuts behind him. No keys to dig, no bell to ring. This is no longer a scene from a sci-fi movie with futuristic gadgets.
With the advancement in technology over the years, Biometric locks have now become mainstream, particularly Fingerprint recognition locks for both commercial and residential properties.
Fingerprint locks work by storing unique fingerprints as numeric templates, to be recalled when a registered fingerprint is placed on the sensor. Any unauthorized attempt to unlock is denied and the door remains locked.
The affordability and ease of use mean more and more people are now able to switch to a more convenient and practical way to access and secure their properties.

Range of fingerprint recognition smart locks for homes and offices by Grains

A Key you will never leave behind!

No matter how organized we are, we all have moments of having forgotten or misplaced the keys. Fingerprint locks don’t require you to remember passwords or carry keys, so you’ll never spend precious time looking for keys or stressing about them. That means, no more rummaging through your bag when you get home; No more searching for keys when everyone is finally ready to leave, no more being locked out without a key!
Young parents will identify with the stress of leaving home with babies, their bags and strollers and realizing later that they haven’t picked up the house key.
If you are a property owner, having a fingerprint recognition lock means you don’t have to change the lock every time your tenants change. Access can be easily removed at the end of a contract.
Even tenants can now have their locks upgraded to smart ones with Retro-Fit Smart Cylinder locks that need no drilling or altering of the door!
With the highly secure, non-intrusive and affordable fingerprint locks available today, everyone can enjoy the convenience that keyless locks offer!

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