philips lock and door viewer
Philips EasyKey 9300 and door viewer- a powerful combination for home security

Add an extra layer of security and convenience to your home with smart door viewers. Whether you are heading out on vacation or are away from home for long hours, a smart door viewer can become your stand-in guard.

At Oji Smart, we have worked to bring some of the best digital doorbell options, both built-in to the lock as well as separate units that can be paired with your smart door lock. Let’s take a look –

Philips Door Viewer

With a 170° ultra-wide-angle lens, noise cancellation IR night vision and 24-hour AI human body detection, the Philips Door Viewer allows you to view the scene at your door, all day.

Contrary to the minimal and compact design, this digital door viewer is packed with features.

Start a real-time visual call in the mobile APP at anytime and anywhere

It is equipped with 4 bright infrared supplement lights and a professional infrared lampshade, providing wide angle HD night vision. HD sensor plus IR-CUT filter enables better visual experience.

IR sensor and AI human body detection algorithm allows the door viewer to instantly capture the photo or video and push notifications to the mobile APP.

The 2MP(1080P) video resolution is ample for daily use. The 5 inch IPS multi-touch screen makes everything look terrific. The interactive design is easy for children and elderly to operate.

Philips door viewer paired with Philips EasyKey 9300

In combination with the EasyKey 9300 smart lock, the door viewer is an even more powerful tool. When someone rings your doorbell, you can start a real-time video chat on App anytime, anywhere. Once the visitor is verified, you could send them a temporary key to enter the premises, if required.

A powerful combination – Philips Door Viewer + EasyKey 9300 smart lock

Powered by a PIR infrared sensor and AI human body detection algorithm, you can monitor who may be at your front door right now as well as look back at historical alerts and recordings on the app or door viewer itself.

Another extremely handy On observing an abnormal alarm on the lock, the door viewer will upload photos and videos to cloud server and push notification to APP in real time.

Philips EasyKey DDL702-1HWS

This Push-Pull lock is designed for the convenience of remote monitoring and communication!

Can your smart lock be a virtual 24 hour guard?

Once paired with Philips EasyKey App, you can view the lock activity history and encrypted information, send temporary PIN codes remotely, and view the real-time scene at the door.

When the visitor presses the doorbell on Philips EasyKey 702e-1HWS, a message will be sent to the APP instantly. If the APP is set to run in the foreground, it will receive a call reminder; if the APP runs in the background, it will receive a message notification.

Start a two-way intercom by tapping the message box and connect with the App.

When the doorbell rings, the video lock will automatically record the video, so you never miss a visitor or guest again!

The 702e-1HWS is equipped with a high-capacity battery. With Wi-Fi continuously connected, the lithium battery life can last for 2 months* with a daily 5-minute video call and 10-time door opening. When the battery level is less than 7.2V, the “low-battery” reminder will be pushed to the App.

These are a few options to consider while choosing a smart video viewer. Browse more options here under the door viewer series.

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