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Future is Digital Locks: The Future is here!


Future is Digital Locks: The Future is here!. Are you tired of forgetting your keys? Have you misplaced them ever? Have you felt the need of just One more spare? Have you ever hidden them under your mat or that potted plant sitting by the corner of your bay window?

Hmmmm…yes, aren’t we all guilty of having found ourselves at least once in this situation? Exasperated, I personally thought of a switch in my life and thus paved way to a Digital Lock in my house & I’m dumbfounded by the results.

Convenience, Reliability & Security lies at our Doorstep! We are no more hassled with the thought of misplacing those pesky, physical keys.

Going keyless feels fashionable, besides the comfort factor!

The choices weren’t too many 7 years ago, and so began my search & research. The locks we liked, weren’t compatible for UAE doors. They were deadbolt locks, which meant that we had to get another stand alone mechanism drilled onto the door, independent of the handle, which would render the, then, existent mortise cylinder useless. Thus, the decision to replace with a Digital lock using the European mortise cylinder was made. We now lead, stress free lives without worrying about giving spare keys to guests, house help and children! Every time we have a house guest, we configure their finger to the lock and rest assured, have bought our peace of mind for life.

Today choices are unlimited! Technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace and we are stumped by the constant innovation, the engineers & developers have to offer.

Retrofit cylinder digital locks, ideal for Tenants & offices are now available (Yale ENTR & Oji Mansion), which means that one doesn’t need to drill additional holes in their doors. They can be installed by oneself, with much ease.

Mentioned below are few options to consider:

Yale ENTR: A bluetooth lock which can be operated from your Smartphone. One is able to send as many virtual keys as possible, with a choice of mechanical keys, remote control and additional accessory add ons (including the fingerprint & passcode reader).

This lock is the lock of the month, being the most coveted choice for our consumers, with its unique accessibility with a Smartphone. It is being constantly developed by Yale and will soon be accessorized with a wifi bridge (awaited in UAE!!)

Oji Mansion Digital Lock: This retrofit cylinder lock has dual access modes – fingerprint (100 users) & passcode (100 pass codes) and is ideally suited for tenants, home owners and offices.

ZKTecoTL 100 Fingerprint Digital Lock: This lock comes with a European mortise cylinder with multiple access options, including a mechanical override key, remote, RFID, fingerprint & number code access. With multifold functions, this lock becomes an irresistible choice for many.

Yale YDM 3109: A lock, ideal for offices with 20 access card options, adds to security, durability & reliability to the office premise.

Boasting of a skilled team to assist you for any customized recommendations, please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment.

We’ll soon update you with unique ideas to bring innovative freshness to your home or office!

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