smart lock for holiday homes

When it comes to holiday homes, smart doors locks are a natural match. For individuals renting out their additional properties, smart locks become the much needed extra arm. For holiday home companies, it makes management of multiple properties a breeze, without having to invest in a whole new set up.

Why retrofit Smart locks for holiday homes?

Recently, we have been approached by holiday homes that let out rented properties. In this case, where the client does not want to alter the door, Oji has found a solution in offering retrofit locks.

Based on this demand, we are soon launching 2 new models for holiday homes, air bnb properties and hotel apartments. This week, let’s take a look at one Oji R2 smart lock.

Can Oji R2 smart lock replace my regular door lock?

Oji R2 can replace most Euro profile cylinder locks, most commonly used on doors in UAE.

Oji R2 is a handle type smart door lock that replaces the regular cylinder lock. Doors with a single latch can be easily replaced with the digital handle.

If the door has a double mortise, an additional keyhole cover can be fitted over.Replacing the regular lock in minutes, the lock is ready to set a great first impression.

smart lock for holiday homes
All of the locks on the left can be replaced by Oji R2(right)

Will a retrofit lock provide functions similar to other smart locks?

A retrofit lock for holiday homes works just as good as a fully installed one, providing the same level of security and convenience. Robust built, good battery life, notifications and alerts, the lock offers it all.

Smart phone app (BLE) and wifi capability (when connected to G2 gateway), fingerprint, RFID, PIN are handy access modes, to use for various user profiles.

Powered by Oji Smart App and web system, the lock provides much more than the lock-unlock function.

For example, the property owner or manager can conveniently send circular passcodes to the cleaners, only allowing access on assigned days. Guests can be sent virtual keys valid for the duration of their stay. For one-off maintenance and repair work, the one time passcode is perfect.
The app even provides a user log helping to keep a track of every visitor to the property, so you have complete control, even if you manage your property remotely.

Oji R2 smart door lock is now available for pre-orders.

We will soon be covering the other soon-to-be-launched model Q1R smart lock

You can browse the full range of holiday home locks with an amazing set of features and functions in the products section.

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