oji-code+smart lock

Welcome Your Guests in UAE Because It’s the season to gather with family and entertain guests.

Wonderful as it is to have family visiting, it can get stressful, especially managing the guests coming in and going out at hours when you may be away at work.

Oji code+ access to guests at home

With Oji locks, you can now enjoy the flexibility of sharing digital keys to your home with your friends, family and visitors. 

Oji Locks together with Oji Smart App allow you to generate & send passcodes in seconds, from anywhere.
Even if you are a tenant, you can easily install Oji Code+ lock . The oji code + smart door lock  installs in a few minutes with no drilling on your door. 

Here are just a few features that make it one of our best selling locks.

  • Bluetooth or WiFi* connect
  • Send remote keys
  • Suited for rented properties too
  • Install in minutes
  • Add and delete access from your smartphone

To learn more about all the features, get in touch.

*wifi connect requires Oji G2 gateway (sold separately)

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