Who needs a Smart Lock – a tenant, a home owner, an office or a hotel!

You wake up to the alarm set on your smart watch, you click and share pictures with the touch of a button through your phone, your music collection is digital, you unlock your car with a remote, your children learn on hand held devices, smart sensors turn lights on and off as you move around the house. Simply said, we are touched by technology at every step and at every moment we enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings. With the development in Smart Locks over the years, it is now, time, to extend this convenience to your front door. Imagine never having to carry keys, never having to go back to get forgotten keys, never having to rummage through your bag to find keys as you wait to enter own home! Yes, a Smart Lock is packed with benefits!

From retrofit number pad cylinder locks to mortise locks with access through finger print, facial recognition, smartphone, remotes and access cards, whatever your need, there’s a smart lock for you.

Go keyless, you’ll wish you had done it sooner!

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