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Is a smart lock worth your money? Part-2 This week, we focus on ‘Convenience’ that having a smart lock can bring. In what possible scenarios could a smart lock come handy?

No keys to carry…or lose!

A significant amount of time is spent looking for keys! A survey by “Pixie” revealed that people spend more than 15 minutes of their day looking for keys(21.3%)! 

Moreover, keys dropped accidentally are a bigger inconvenience, getting new keys cut and breaking open a door are things we want to avoid. Going keyless removes the daily mundane task for hunting for keys around the house or rummaging through the bag!

Getting a smart lock with fingerprint access means you’re never going to be looking for keys again! Moreover, all locks come with multiple access options, so you always have a back up!

No keys to carry...or lose!
No more hunting for keys!
No more lost keys!

Easy Key Sharing

Having a smart lock with App allows easy key sharing. Have guests arrive while you’re at work? No problem…send them an e-key. Oji locks have the option of sending keys for various durations, as needed. Give your kids permanent key access so they can let themselves in after school. Maintenance service can be given one time keys to carry out the job. Home cleaners can be given periodic access – for example Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 11am – 1pm only.

You no longer have to schedule your day just to open doors!

Is a smart lock worth your money ?
Send keys or code from anywhere!

Set access levels

Set various levels of permissions with the Oji Smart eco-system, where all your Oji locks can be managed from the Oji Smart App. The gardener can have access only to the main gate lock, while the house maid can have access to the gate, front door lock as well as the back door smart lock.

The access to your cabinets or store rooms can be restricted to the intended users only with Oji cabinet locks with Bluetooth!

In what situations do you think can a smart door lock come handy? Would having one ease out your day?


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