Ojitouch, password door lock

OjiTouch is a tenant friendly password door lock for home

OjiTouch is a tenant friendly password door lock for home

OjiTouch is a tenant friendly password door lock for home

A password lock for homes. Yes, it’s finally here!

Every time we shift into a new house, the first thing that many of us do, is to change the existing cylinder of our door lock with a new one with a fresh set of keys! Primarily done for our security!

What if, we were allowed to carry our own cylinder from our previous home? We carry our valuables, and all our belongings (clothes, furniture, appliances, etc) to the new house, then why not our cylinder with keys. Is it because, the lock is not ornamental enough and is easily replaceable, that we don’t give it a second thought?

Your Home defines you

The colors you choose for your home décor, the accessories you choose, the furniture you select, the spaces you define, are all reflections of your identity and personality. Everyone wants to create the perfect home, which is a haven of comfort, happiness, peace, and security.

The design of your home can be an expression of yourself which you build through the colors and styles that you choose, something you can connect to and call your own.

It’s a lot more convenient to own a password lock

More often than not, we forget the simplest things when we start a new beginning. We forget that…

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

The last thing we have our hands’ on is the key to our house which we surrender. This could be the new beginning with a password lock to the new house.




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