Why should I use a Smart Lock

What is a Smart Lock and Why should I use a Smart Lock?


In this day and age of connectivity and technology, we are at times, at a loss of understanding of key jargon, which come our way.

In this article, we’ll address “What is a Smart Lock?”

A lock is a 2-part device, a lock and a key that unlocks it. For centuries, the ‘key’ has been an actual, physical key. Not so long ago, the ‘key’ began to be replaced by alternate ways to unlock, by using RFID cards, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and now, smartphones.

Adding these access options gives you greater control over your property and provides a greater home security experience.

“Keys are so 20th century. A connected lock offers both security and flexibility, letting you control access to your home with your phone” PCMag

Smart and electronic door locks are growing in popularity, it is turning out to be one of the most utilitarian gadgets to have today.

Why should I use a Smart Lock?

As we embrace and enjoy the myriad comforts provided by evolving technologies, from smartphones to smart lighting, it is a natural progression and a very important one! It’s the door to a smart home, something we ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ several times each day, and one that can potentially stress us out on any good day. Lost keys, forgotten keys, kids locked out, the thought of having left home without locking up. Smart locks address the above issues with various functions such as auto-locking, virtual key sharing, attempted forced entry warnings and multiple access modes.

Why do we use a Lock?

A lock is installed on a door to secure something of value, be it family or your belongings. It is thus natural to have concerns as you consider moving from regular locks to smart lock.

Apprehensive about moving to a Connected Device? Read on…

While the term ‘Smart Lock’ may equate to ‘connected lock’, a lock connected over Bluetooth, wi-fi etc., ‘connectivity’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea. We see smart locks as a convenience that makes getting in and out of your house or office easier and less of a hassle, hence we include the best of Keyless Electronic Locks into the same term.

As with all new technology, some common fears may be deterring you from enjoying the convenience of a keyless life. Few have been listed below:

  1. What happens in case of a power or internet outage?
  2. Is it very expensive?
  3. I’m not ‘Tech-savvy’. Is it very complicated?
  4. Can my lock be hacked?
  5. I’m not a homeowner, I can’t alter my door, can I still have a smart lock?
  6. I’m not a homeowner. What happens to the lock if I move to a new home?

So, in this series, we share the basics of smart locks like what a Smart Door Lock is, the various types of smart locks, common concerns around smart locks and how to choose a smart lock that’s right for you.

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