Home security with smart door lock

Some of the top reasons users opt for smart locks include – Security, convenience and adopting new technology. Smart door locks are priced higher than regular mechanical door locks, but is the extra cost worth your money? We will look at the smart locks technology from a use-point-of-view and weigh in on the benefits of having one. Each week, over the next few articles, we will feature and explain the various features that may answer the question for you!

This week, let’s look at some of the security features.

Break-ins & Key duplication are easy with regular mechanical locks. Smart locks bring an extra layer of security by eliminating these issues. 

For example, a good quality smart door lock purchased from a reliable seller can be trusted to have a robust build. A well-designed smart lock is built to withstand bumping or physical force, built-in alarms notify homeowners of break-in attempts and multiple attempts with a wrong PIN lock out the user for a few minutes, making entry by guessing codes impossible.

 smart lock is for you
Anti-prying alarm in the Oji DVF3 (left) smart lock; DDL702E(right) trigger an alert when an abnormal situation occurs.

Philips 9300 smart lock features Dual verification mode option where a combination of any two factors (fingerprint, password and card) can be set as the unlocking solution to ensure doubled security for your home.

The lock is full of security features including Anti-prying alarm, Anti-theft mode alarm, Lock status indicator, Random PIN code 

 smart lock is for you just
Philips EasyKey 9300 push-pull lock (above)

Scrambled codes deter break-ins and a well developed software encryption system can thwart attempts at hacking into the lock. Fingerprint and face sensors have evolved to distinguish real biometrics from prints or photos, making biometric access extremely reliable.

Explore Philips Alpha, Oji XT8 smart door lock, Philips EasyKey 9300,

Alpha door lock
Scrambled code feature in OJI XT8 smart door lock

Doors left unlocked after entering or leaving also leave a big security issue. Many users rush out of home, usually hands full of multiple things, not remembering to stop and lock the door.Smart door locks with auto-lock systems not only solve this issue, they also provide peace of mind by allowing the owner to check the status of a lock via the app.

door lock unlocked
Door left unlocked alert(left) and auto-locking feature(right)

These are some of the security features in smart door locks at Oji. Do you have any questions regarding security features? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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