Different ways to unlock a smart lock - Smartphone, PIN code, Fingerprint recognition among many others

What is a Smart Lock? Part 2 – Common Concerns

What is a Smart Lock? Part 2- Common concerns. Continuing from where we left off last week (Part 1), this week we address some common questions and concerns surrounding ‘What is a Smart Lock’.

What happens in case of a power or internet outage? What if the locks’ battery runs out?

All the smart locks we carry are battery operated and not reliant on electrical power source. Each of these locks can go on for about 3 months to an year (depending on usage) before the battery needs to be recharged/changed. As they approach the end of battery life, they give sufficient indication & alerts. Yet, in the unlikely event of a dead battery in your lock, an external power source (specified for each lock) such as a 9V battery can be used to power the lock & gain access.

Many of these locks also have a back-up mechanical key.

Bluetooth is independent of internet connection which means in case of an internet outage, Bluetooth locks will still work with your smartphone (when you are in range for the devices to connect to each other)

Are Smart Locks expensive? 

Contrary to the belief that smart locks are expensive, there are smart locks for every budget without compromising on security.

Check out some of our popular affordable locks here :

OJI  Touch lock

Oji Mansion Lock

Depending on your requirement, you may or may not need certain features. A comparison of various models can help select the right lock for you.

Or just give us a call at 050-2057509 for a free consultation.

I’m not ‘Tech savvy’ ? Will I be able to set up/use a smart lock?

The reluctance towards new technology is understandable. All the jargon and buzz around us can be overwhelming and make it seem more complex than it really is.

Let’s look at it this way, if you can unlock your car with a fob or use a smart phone to make phone calls, you can use a Smart Lock.

If you use any programs on your computer, you can follow instructions to configure your lock (don’t worry if you can’t, we have a technician who can set up it all up for you)

You can even self-install our DIY retrofit locks that need no drilling, carpentry or wiring Watch this step-by-step video to see just how simple it is

Besides, you can always choose to get our technician install and configure the smart lock for you.

How secure are smart locks?

Connected devices:

As with all connected devices, it is important to keep your connected locks secure. Set up your system to require passwords to connect and keep them strong.
Your smart lock will access the internet via the same Wi-Fi set-up your other connected devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and TV streaming service use. Smart locks use highly encrypted and secure technologies to communicate.

Code Locks:

Users have more control over code locks as codes can be controlled. With keys, there is always a chance of copied keys whereas a code can be easily deleted if you feel it has been compromised.
Most code locks also come with scrambled code or random code function. This means, the user can add several digits ahead of and at the end of their PIN. This makes it impossible for an onlooker to guess the correct PIN.

Here’s an example

Authorised PIN : 23456
Scrambled PIN: 7896542345681760

Biometric Locks:

Fingerprint and face sensors verify by 3D scanning the biometrics which makes it impossible to gain access using a print or a picture.

I’m not a home owner, I can’t alter my door?
I’m not a home owner. What happens to the lock if I move to a new home?

The expat community that makes up the majority population of  UAE with many of us living in rented homes and apartments. This brings up the question of what happens to a smart lock when you move to a new place?

Tenant contracts may not allow altering the door in any way and that’s where the Retro-fit locks come in. These simply replace the existing cylinder and require no carpentry or drilling on the door which means, you can easily remove the lock & move it to your new home when you move.

Retro fit locks for tenants
Replacing a regular cylinder with Yale ENTR cylinder. Watch a quick video

As we can see, most lock manufacturers have taken these into account and we have a carefully chosen range of locks that provide the best balance of security and convenience.

In Part 3, we will see an over view of various types of smart locks based on the technology they use including Bluetooth, Biometric locks, RFID locks. So check back for the next post.

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