With the spectacular launch of Expo2020 and cooler days coming in, short term rental properties are seeing a rise in occupancy rates. While this is great for business, managing keys to multiple properties can become a challenge. Guests expect nothing less than a 5 star experience, especially a smooth and quick move-in to their property.

This can be challenging for a property owner, considering guests can arrive and depart at all odd hours. If you aren’t residing close to the property, you could end up spending an unreasonable amount of time shuttling around just to hand over the keys.

Hiring staff for key drops or rushing across the city to hand over keys is both impractical and expensive.

Is there a way around it?

Here’s where Oji smart door locks come in.  

Having your properties fitted with Oji locks can offer multiple advantages, let’s look at a few of them.

Efficient management :

Whether you are letting out multiple properties or a single one, Oji smart lock can ease out your headaches and allow better management. Have all your locks configured into one single app/web platform and manage them from your phone or laptop, from anywhere – even from a different country!

Smart Locks for holiday homes, a game changer?
Send keys from anywhere! The guest can conveniently unlock via virtual keys or a code.

Easy key sharing:

Every time a booking is made, you can create and share virtual keys to the property with just a few taps on your smartphone! Set the validity to the duration of the booking and the keys will expire with the booking, no longer allowing access. Keys can be shared by regular messaging apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or by email.

Housekeeping and maintenance:

Besides guests, you can also create & share keys with your housekeeping or maintenance staff. Just create cyclic keys, valid on certain days and/or times of the week or for just one single use. Virtual keys ensure the access is only possible at assigned times.

Smart Locks for holiday homes, a game changer?
Send permanent keys, cyclic keys, one time keys or custom keys – depending on the access you want to provide!

Access logs:

 Apart from allowing quick key sharing, Oji Smart App also allows you to view the access trail. You can see when each door was unlocked and which access mode (Code/Card/Virtual Keys etc.)


Smart Locks for holiday homes, a game changer?
View the access records for every lock


Only the administrators who have been authorized can create, edit, share and delete keys, as well as view the details of the locks in the app. To all the other users, only the relevant key is visible and available.

Great guest experience: 

Oji locks have been designed for simplicity of use. We understand that a guest arriving to a new country may not have access to the network or maybe running low on phone battery. Hence, our locks can be operated without even downloading the app! The guest just uses the code sent to them via the keypad to unlock!

Smart Locks for holiday homes, extend
Quick and easy access to the property for guest = happy guests!

Cost saving:

Lost keys, keys not handed back, duplicating keys add up to significant costs, not to mention the cost of driving back and forth just to hand over keys or hiring staff to do so!


Prior to the onset of the pandemic, receiving and greeting your guests was a part of customer delight. This has evolved since, with guests wanting to limit their interaction to necessary only! A no-contact check-in is now an asset that protects both the guests and the staff.


If you are considering a smart lock solution for your properties, get in touch with our team for a demo of the system.

You can reach us on _971-4-3929312, drop us a message via the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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