Unlocking methods is One of the most frequently asked questions when the  battery goes dead. How do you unlock the door? The smart door lock could be unlocked from the outsides by mechanical key or emergency power supply.

 Unlocking Methods
  • Low battery alarm: locks have a low battery alarm that will remind you well in advance to change/charge the battery. Please ensure the batteries are replaced or charged immediately on receiving the low battery alarm.


  • USB emergency power supply interface The door can be unlocked by an emergency power supply from ordinary power banks in case of a drained battery.
  • Mechanical Key: In case the alerts are missed and you end up with a dead battery, there is a back up mechanical key for emergencies. This will unlock even with a dead battery. Since the mechanical key is mainly used for emergency unlocking, it is recommended to place it separately in a fixed position for easy access except placing it at home
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