Looking for Free state handle for door feature and why it is important?

The free handle is also known as the safety handle is featured in  Philips smart lever door locks. It is a feature that protects the lock from forceful unlocking as well as helps prolong the lifespan of the lock.


The internal mechanism of the lock can be damaged if the handle is forcibly pressed down for a long time. Hence, this feature is built into the lever handle locks.

When there is no unlocking verification, the handle is in the free state. Then, when the handle is pressed down and turned, the door won’t open. The motor is only driven when one of the access modes is used i.e. fingerprint, PIN code and other unlocking methods.

 free state handle
Free-state handle

Once the door is locked, the outdoor handle is in a free state. No matter how you press the handle downward, the mortise won’t be affected.

Little details and functions work effectively to enable a convenient and safe unlocking experience.

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