A guide to smart door lock 2019

How to Choose the Best Smart Lock in 2023?


Which is the Best Smart Lock for me in 2023?

Different criteria would fulfill what’s the Best Smart Lock of the year 2019. It could depend on one’s need and consequent fulfillment (deliverability). It could depend on one’s expectation. It could depend on, how secure and reliable the smart lock is and last but not the least, on the functionality, it has to offer.

Depending on one’s personal brand preference, the selection of one’s smart door lock could vary.

Let’s address each of these criterions to reach a conclusion.

Addressing our Expectation of What should a Smart Lock do?

Frankly, if I was to give up my keys and change to a smart lock, I would expect that it would simply work for me! That is when I’m away from home, and genuinely stuck in traffic/ in a meeting, I don’t have to stress myself out just to be physically present to unlock the door for my kids waiting impatiently at the door. If only, in my mind, I could mutter, “Abracadabra” and magically the door would open. Nah! It doesn’t happen this way, does it? Hmmm…

For such occasions and more, the real answer would be a Smart Lock!

There are so many Smart Locks out there? Which is the best one for me?

best smart lock 2018


“I live in a rented apartment and need to give a spare key to a part-time cook, a cleaner, to my kids, maybe to our neighbor when we are traveling and to my parents when they are visiting us”.


  1. A Password Lock, which doesn’t require drilling or wiring, as you will only need to change the old cylinder and replace it with a smart one.
  2. A Combination lock with fingerprint and passcode, which doesn’t require drilling or wiring.
  3. A lock by which you could create a time schedule for access.


The Oji Touch Password Lock which is a Smart Lock for everyone! It comes with a self-explanatory manual, which guides you on how to change the old cylinder and then install this Smart Lock. It has only passcodes as an access option. The Oji Touch can have 2 administrators for every 100 passcodes. In all, 200 passcodes can be configured onto the lock. An administrator passcode is absolutely necessary to add new users to the lock. The passcode could range from 6-10 digits. One could add or delete a passcode, whenever the need arises. Thus, making it simple to give access to a visitor or a neighbor and then deleting the passcode from the digital keypad, whenever the need is fulfilled. It comes in 2 colors, Black and Silver. This serves as an ideal option for people staying in a rented apartment, or for homeowners too. With a chic and elegant design, the OjiTouch could easily replace the traditional keys on every door of your house, giving an instant Smart makeover to your house.

The Oji Mansion iLock X2, is a Digital lock with a fingerprint and password access. You would need to designate 2 main administrators whose fingerprint (if the fingerprint has been set up as the admin fingerprint) or password would be needed to add additional users. Adding and deleting a password/fingerprint is an easy process with an inbuilt voice prompt as a guide, in English. For the ones with their hands full, a fingerprint access would be ideal, without the need for stressing about the password. With a USB input, in case of a complete battery drain, a power bank would come in handy to instantly charge the lock, to gain access to your door. An ideal lock for the front door.

Lastly, for the ones who can’t do without their phones, what better option but to transform the phone into your key! With the Yale Entr Bluetooth lock, one can simply swipe the (virtual) key on their phone (using the Assa Abloy Entr app) to gain access to their homes. From the outside, the door looks like an ordinary door with the keyhole (thus allowing for a mechanical key access), but from the inside, the door houses the Entr Smart Lock module. This lock comes with a remote, thus allowing for alternative access options to enter. In addition, this smart lock has 2 accessories, to provide for alternative accesses – fingerprint and passcode. From the fingerprint reader, the administrator can create a time schedule for access for a guest, a neighbor, or an external help, for the week. If the user who was authorized to access the password at a given time, is unable to maintain his schedule, then the password is no more valid. With the Yale Entr, one can be Key Free forever, making it an ideal choice for working couples, a busy household or merely anyone who wants to adopt a convenient lifestyle.

A second scenario would be covered in the next article.

Should you have a scenario in mind, to weigh your options on the most suitable options, then please feel free to leave a comment below.

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