Whether you are a seasoned Airbnb host or just starting out with holiday home rental, the one thing that can hold you back from expanding is the logistics! Adding another property to your offering can mean doubling up on the resources to deploy – especially staff to manage guest meet and greet, housekeeping and property maintenance.

Smart Locks for Holiday Homes
Delight your guests with no-contact, no-waiting check-in

The answer to these is a simple upgrade of your door lock to a smart one. Today, we look at the Smart Locks for Holiday Homes in the Oji Smart ecosystem that fit perfectly into the holiday home rental system.

The locks featured here all work with the Oji Smart App ecosystem function-packed yet user-friendly app. The app allows the set administrators to share or revoke access as well as manage or many locks from the app. A full web-based management system is a powerful tool that helps you manage and track access to your property. If you own multiple properties, the web system can also be integrated with your BMS system.

Oji app and website
A seamless, user-friendly app and web based management system for efficient management

Multiple access options are available, with the most notable being the eKey and temporary code, which feature in all 3 locks. The guest need not have wifi or mobile data or even the need to download the app to get access to their reserved property. Simply using the code received by SMS, Email or Whatsapp will allow them entry.

1. Oji XT8 smart door lock:

The most popular choice for holiday homes, XT8 is a robust and straightforward option. Installed at over 100 properties across UAE, this lock offers convenience to both guests and property owners.

Looking at the options provided the keys can be set by role as follows:

  • Permanent fingerprint access to property owners for quick and secure access
  • Permanent code access to the property managers
  • Timed or cyclic access (i.e every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @9am) to housekeeping
  • One-time access to maintenance workers as needed (eg. plumber, carpenter etc.)
  • Guest key with validity set to reservation period for guests
  • Back up mechanical keys for emergency use

For the owners:

Easy one touch action to unlock and enter with the fingerprint sensor conveniently placed on the door handle. The semiconductor fingerprint sensor is secure and quick, unlocking in under a second of contact.

From the guest point of view, the indoor privacy knob provides peace of mind knowing their privacy is protected. While exiting, the guest can simply close the door and it will auto-lock, leaving no scope for security issues.

The voice guide and lit keypad add to the ease of use.
Die-cast zinc alloy body, the lock is suited for exterior doors.

It requires full and professional installation, perfect if you own the property and can alter the door.

2. Oji XT4 Smart door lock:

Very similar in features to the XT8, XT4 also features an indoor privacy lock, a mortise locking system and auto-locking. Apart from the convenience of easy key issuing and management system, the added feature in Oji XT4 smart lock is the built-in doorbell function.

With a smaller and more compact design, the lock is better suited for doors with frames. Our installation and technical team is equipped to guide you through the selection process of the lock based on your door style.

3. Oji Code+ Smart lock:

Our trusted and most loved product, Oji Code+ lock is great value for your money. The small and compact lock is secure, sturdy and feature rich and comparable to the other locks featured here. The access is by PIN, card or App excluding fingerprint recognition.

Installation is easy and DIY-style, with only the existing cylinder getting replaced by Oji Code+ Smart lock. Best suited for properties where altering the door is not preferred or allowed. So if you are a tenant, you can still enjoy the convenience of smart lock and unscrew move to a new property.


Adding a gateway will add WiFi functionality, giving you the freedom to generate eKeys remotely as well as view the user log remotely

Call us or drop us a message to discuss a smart lock solution for your holiday home property.


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