In the Spotlight: Yale IP Camera Review


How can I be aware of what is happening inside my house, when I am not there?

In the Spotlight: Yale IP Camera Review. Finally, there is an interactive solution to your problem, Introducing the Yale Smart Living IP camera the next generation of office/home interaction. Now just sit back and relax in your office, whilst still interacting with your loved ones at home, from the comfort of your phone. The Yale Home View IP camera can be installed easily without the involvement of a third party.

Features of this IP Camera

The new Yale Smart Living IP camera is packed with many amazing features that can enhance your busy lifestyle. The camera has a HD720 resolution for recording, thus capturing high quality video footage which is easily accessible from the “ Yale home view ” app on your phone – ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The two-way talk feature makes it easy to interact with your loved ones, anytime and anywhere.

Hear and speak with the built-in microphone and speaker. Tilt to adjust the angle as needed. Easy to set up and use within minutes.

This camera also comes with a 60 degree viewing angle, Infrared night vision ,which can see up till 8 metres, and the videos are all uploaded into a free 2GB dropbox account, which can contain 200 recorded events, that last 15 seconds each! Finally, you can also record locally onto the camera via an SD card slot.

Yale IP Camera for Smart Living

If you need some more information on what exactly an IP camera is, here is a link to a previous article https://www.ojismart.com/wifi-ip-cameras-to-secure-your-loved-ones/

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