Biometric Smart Lock from ZKTeco, ZM100

Your Face is Your New Key! The Best Biometric Lock of 2023


ZM100: The latest hybrid biometric Smart Lock is finally available in retail stores in Dubai.

Your Face is Your New Key! The Best Biometric Lock of 2023. The ZM100 Face recognition lock from ZKTeco matches the aesthetics of a modern design, whilst also providing high security with dual biometric features. Made of zinc alloy, this face lock is available in 2 colors currently – Gold and Copper. The Gold gives a glittery posh look while the coppper is subdued and blend with the mahogany doors.

Unique features of the ZM100 that you may want to know

Face recognition: ZK Face Algorithm V7.0 is used in this lock, which enables a face to be recognized in less than 1 second.

Touch screen: the lock comes with a 2.8 inches capacitive screen with a user friendly visual menu.

SilkID Sensor: The reader has achieved PIV certification which enables a quick capture of the fingerprint data, while rejecting fake fingers.  The sensor is responsive to dry, wet and rough weather conditions.

Lithium Battery: The Lithium battery available with the unit can last 1 full year when it is fully charged.

Smart Alarm: The alarm turns on, every time an illegal attempt is made to access the lock.

USB Port: A USB port inlet is available on the lock to upload or download the data of all users via USB. This comes in handy while installing more locks with similar users as the same set of data can be copied via the USB and fed in the new lock.

Which access mode would you prefer?

With 4 different access modes, you can choose to unlock your door using your face/finger/RFID card/pass code. Or just use the mechanical keys if you still want to be traditional!

How would the various access modes help?

Firstly, it takes away the burden of carrying physical keys. Imagine walking to your house door, not digging for keys in your purse. Or, not having to run back home to be in time to open the door for kids, nanny or visitors.

Access to Visitors? How?

Yes, a simple fingerprint or pass code access can be given to a visitor and can be cancelled on his departure. It’s simple and easy using the smart interface on the lock.

Smart Locks are intelligent, convenient and reliable!

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