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The story of OJI Smart Locks Brand


The story of OJI Smart Locks Brand. Every Brand has a story. Oji has one too and now we feel we are ready to share it with the world. So, here it goes….

A few years ago, when we branched out into the field of Smart Home solutions, we were deliberating on a brand name which would ideally suit our new business. We had begun with the name “Grains” to define our offering with the essentials in smart security. Steadily, our retail presence grew and Smart home products began to evolve from a mere concept to tangible products. Soon enough, we expanded to e-commerce to make our product available to even more people. Operating with this name got challenging owing to the connotation of the word, which is largely associated with food (and meeting our consumers’ expectations for exotic and organic seeds, nuts, lentils…wasn’t justified). Thus, arose the need to change the brand name to be able to associate our product offering to our customers.

Oji was thus Born!

Basing its origin to the legendary story of the Ojibwe Dreamcatcher, where the Spider-woman (also called Asibikaashi in the native language of the Ojibwe tribal clans) helped to bring the sun back to the people, through the tiny hole she had carved out in the dreamcatcher made out of willow hoops and sinew. The dreamcatcher was then weaved by the grandmas to hang on the babies’ cots, to filter out the bad dreams and allow only good thoughts to enter into their minds when they were asleep.

Similarly, Oji, carefully selects the best of Smart solutions for homes and corporates, adding value, convenience, innovation, reliability and security to many a life.

Our Core Philosophy remains unchanged,

Enhancing lives by consistently providing value-driven, innovative smart solutions for convenience and security.

In today’s fast-paced life, where we have an insatiable desire for technological advancement, the choices are numerous. But, the one common expectation from technology, which unifies us all, is, connectivity! We all seem deeply attached to our phones, for want of being connected..could be with our peers with similar thoughts on a social media platform or could be with family on the other side of the phone.

At Oji, our pursuit is to bring to you, utilitarian, value-enhancing smart solutions at an affordable price.



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