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Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love (Billy Graham)

Celebrating this month of love, happiness and true friendships, we bring to you a range of interesting gift ideas, which enrich our lives and leave us connected!


A Gift for you – To know that you are loved and cared for!


When on travel or at work, and away from family, one needs the assurance that their loved ones are safe and secure. No matter what, we need to hear a loving voice at the other end of the phone or make that quick internet call to see them safe and in good health.

However, some of us struggle to find the ideal solution.

If we look around us, more often than not, we’ll find simple answers. Specific to this scenario, if we consider installing a wireless IP camera, we could talk, see, hear, our loved ones at all times. With a range of wifi IP cameras to choose from, with the cheapest one selling at Dhs 208 and the more sophisticated one at Dhs 1000, one can make a suitable decision and experience connectivity of a lifetime.

The advantages of these simple to install, wireless home security cameras, are numerous. Providing peace of mind is one of them! They allow you to view inside your home from your Smartphone or Tablet in HD720 quality. With the Yale Home View IP Camera, PTZ, WIPC-303W, you could zoom in and out of your smartphone, rotate the camera, change the viewing angle, talk to your loved ones, see them and hear them, all at once. Just plug, configure the camera, sync in with your phone and the wifi of your home, then you are ready to Play. Record any unwanted motions and be informed of them on your phone!!

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