Entr Smart lock review

Yale Entr Smart Lock review


ENTR Smart Lock is a smart locking solution for homes and small offices. The packed unit comes with the Yale Entr Smart module cylinder, 2 mechanical keys, a card with the code for the mechanical keys (in the event of ordering spares), a charging adapter and a remote.

How to install the Yale Entr Bluetooth Lock?

On removing the current cylinder mounted on the door, one needs to fit the Entr lock, by adjusting the cylinder till you hear a clicking sound. The lock would then be engaged and in the correct position. After successfully mounting the cylinder, the Yale Entr Assa Abloy app needs to be downloaded onto the user’s smartphone. The ENTR module serves as an operating panel to configure the user’s smartphone and any other accessories. An easy to understand manual, including illustrations, explains everything you and everyone in your family need to know. You’ll also find operating instructions for ENTR™ accessories, including the Remote Control and Fingerprint Reader.

How does the Yale Entr Bluetooth Lock simplify our lives?

The Yale Entr Smart Lock allows you to control your door lock from your Smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth enabled devices. With a downloadable smart app (Yale Entr Assa Abloy), one can generate virtual keys and send them to friends and members of family, through e-mail, whatsapp, or as a message. The virtual keys can be deleted from your smartphone, thus, keeping you in complete control of providing access to whomever you wish.
No more stressing about lost keys, fumbling for keys in your bag or hurrying to reach home to unlock the door for a guest, a nanny or kids waiting at the door. Simply message them a virtual key from your smartphone.


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