Is Smart Lock Worth the Upgrade?


Smart Locks have proven their effectiveness in providing convenience and security; creating a keyless process with multiple options for unlocking one’s door is indeed an impeccable feat. The concept of smart locks has been around for several decades, but the technology and availability for residential and commercial use have increased significantly in recent years.

The first Smart locks were introduced in the late 20th century, and since then, there have been a growing number of manufacturers and brands that offer smart locks for a variety of applications.

However, people have been accustomed to their traditional locks disregarding the possible benefits of a smart lock. Here are some of the main reasons why people are opting out of smart locks:



Smart locks can be more expensive than traditional ones, which may deter some consumers.



Some people may feel intimidated by a Smart Lock’s technology and installation process or may not have the technical skills to set it up properly.


Security Concerns

There may be concerns about the security of smart locks, particularly if they are connected to the internet or other smart home devices.



Some smart locks may not be compatible with older doors or lock types, which may limit the options for some consumers.



These are valid reasons to ditch the smart lock and stick with the old traditional locks. However, suppose you weigh in the and consider the benefits and robust functionality of a smart lock. In that case, you will be in the process of understanding its potential and life-changing benefits.


A survey by August Home found that 63% of homeowners feel that smart locks provide greater security than traditional locks.


Here are the main reasons why it’s worth upgrading from a traditional lock into a Smart Lock:


Enhanced Security

Smart locks can offer additional security features such as remote access control, real-time alerts, and automatic locking to help protect your home or business.



Smart locks can offer keyless entry, remote control, and user-specific access codes, making it easier to grant access to others without needing to hand them a key physically.


Integration with other Smart Home Devices

Smart locks can integrate with other smart home devices, allowing you to control your home security system, lighting, and other devices with a single app or voice command.


Increased Control

Smart locks allow you to have greater control over who has access to your property and can quickly grant or revoke access as needed.


Keyless Entry

Smart locks can eliminate the need for physical keys, which can be lost, stolen, or duplicated, and can be more difficult to replace than digital access codes.




Overall, smart locks offer a range of benefits that can improve home or business security, increase convenience and control, and integrate with other smart home devices. However, it’s important to carefully consider the potential drawbacks and ensure that a smart lock is a right choice for your needs and circumstances.

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