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There is no doubt that a gym is one of the must-go places for maintaining and improving an individual’s health. However, maintaining a gym is not only about providing cutting-edge and robust gym equipment. Keeping a safe and convenient place for gym-goers requires a reliable and efficient environment for them to focus solely on sculpting their bodies and pushing their limits.

One of the essential requirements is a comprehensive cabinet lock, allowing your gym members to have a safe place for their stuff and protein shakes. A cabinet lock that is modern and accessible not only caters to safety but also adds value and style to your gym.

A reliable Gym Lock leaves an impression to gym members that they are valued and gives a perception that they made the right decision by subscribing to your gym.

If you are looking for the best Gym Locks, we list out proven and tested Gym Locks of 2023. Here is the list:



EDA 1080D Digital Lock for Lockers


EDA 1080D Digital Locker Locks provide a reliable and user-friendly smart lock solution that is ideal for a wide range of applications. The stainless steel body and elegant design of the locks make them a stylish and modern addition to any setting, while still providing the robust security features that are essential for protecting valuable assets.


Features and Functions


EDA 1080D has a Keypad with Background Light which enables a clearer and more visible view of the keypads, even in dim or dark environments. The background light of the keypad provides improved visibility, making it easier to input the access code or PIN, even in low light conditions.


With the scrambled code feature, users can enter a string of random digits before the actual access code, making it more difficult for anyone to guess or crack the code. For example, if the actual access code is “1234”, the user can enter a random sequence of numbers before the code, such as “9876543211234”. This makes it much harder for someone to guess or predict the code, even if they observe the user entering the code.


The design of the lock has been tailored and modified to create convenience and minimize the effort required to open the cabinet. The design of the lock has been carefully engineered to ensure that it is easy to use, even in situations where the user has limited mobility or dexterity.




Oji KR-S80D Cabinet Lock Pin-Code


Oji KR-S80D is designed to provide enhanced security and protection for valuable assets, with a durable and robust construction that is built to withstand heavy use. The lock is designed to be tamper-resistant, with a hardened steel body that is resistant to drilling and other types of attacks.


Features and Functions


The Oji KR-S80D is a smart lock with advanced features such as buzzer, voltage monitoring, customizable lock modes, alarm, and multiple user and manager codes. It can be operated using a keypad or RFID tags and has a built-in lock/unlock button for easy access.


The modular construction of the Oji KR-S80D smart lock provides a high level of flexibility and easy maintenance. The lock is designed with interchangeable components that can be easily swapped out or upgraded as needed, allowing for simple customization and long-term use.Oji KR-S80D  has Multiple strike plates/hook options available for various applications.


The Oji KR-S80D smart lock includes a hand-held programming device that provides full control over the lock’s settings and configuration, allowing for easy and convenient customization.


RL-M937 RFID & Pin Locker Lock


The RL-M937 RFID & PIN Lock is a versatile smart lock solution that is suitable for both public and private use, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The lock is designed for use in various settings, including spas, gyms, hotels, offices, and staff lockers.


Features and Functions


The RL-M937 smart lock is designed with an RFID card feature that provides an additional layer of security and convenience. The RFID card feature allows for quick and easy access to the lock, without the need for entering a PIN code allowing for flexible and customized access control.


The PIN code feature of the RL-M937 lock is highly customizable, allowing for the creation of user-specific codes, time-based access, or other access control features. The lock can be easily programmed and managed, providing enhanced security and convenience for different users.


The card + Code feature of the RL-M937 smart lock provides a high level of security and convenience, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications. The lock is designed to provide reliable and secure access control, ensuring that valuable assets remain protected and easily accessible.




Oji KR-S80A Invisible Cabinet Lock


The OJI KR-S80A is a high-quality cabinet lock that offers discreet and reliable access control for a wide range of cabinets and other storage areas. The lock can be installed invisibly on the outside, providing enhanced security and convenience for users.


Features and Functions


OJI KR-S80A cabinet lock includes an opening with Mifare feature that provides enhanced security and convenience. The opening with the Mifare feature allows for quick and easy access to the lock using an RFID Mifare card or tag, without the need for entering a PIN code.


OJI KR-S80A features multiple strike plates/hooks, designed to be highly adaptable, with interchangeable components that can be easily swapped out or upgraded as needed. This feature provides a high level of flexibility and customization, allowing for simple adjustment to different cabinet types and configurations.


The hand-held programming device allows for easy programming and management of the lock’s access modes, including PIN code access, Mifare card access, and other access control settings. This feature provides enhanced security and convenience, making it easy to manage access control for a wide range of users and applications.


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