Why Smart Locks are safer

Why are Smart Locks actually safer than Traditional Locks


Why Smart Locks are safer



Have you ever considered the old adage: old habits die hard? Now, it’s time to challenge that notion, particularly when it comes to the realm of home security. As the world steadily marches towards a tech-powered future, why should your sanctuary lag behind? The burgeoning trend of smart homes may seem overwhelming, and indeed, the landscape is rife with misconceptions about automated security systems. However, allowing these misconceptions to deter you would mean missing out on a myriad of opportunities and conveniences offered by this revolution in home security.


This enlightening piece unveils the undeniable reasons why smart locks represent the gold standard in today’s security solutions. Engage with the future – embrace the smarter, safer choice.



Traditional Vs Smart


In the contemporary world, the lock has evolved into a symbol of both privacy and security. It guards not just our front doors, but now even our personal digital realms like smartphones. This prevalence underlines our society’s burgeoning regard for privacy and safety. Hence, selecting the right lock for your personal needs has become more critical than ever.


First, let’s demystify the dichotomy of ‘smart’ versus ‘traditional’ locks. The term ‘traditional lock’ might not be one you use daily, but it refers to the familiar manual door locks that require a physical key turn to engage a deadbolt. Simple and effective. However, the advent of technology introduced us to ‘smart locks.’ These automated alternatives, or retrofitting enhancements, are harmoniously incorporated into modern smart home systems. While they also operate on a traditional deadbolt mechanism, the primary difference lies in their ability to be managed remotely, promising a significant elevation in the home security experience.


Smart locks are as diverse as they are innovative. They range from models that incorporate security cameras, keypads, and touchpads, to those that can be seamlessly operated from a mobile app. In an increasingly digital world, the concept of a ‘lock’ has evolved far beyond its original design, offering you a vast spectrum of possibilities to secure your world.



Traditional Locks are not safe as we think


Despite the comforting thought that a sturdy deadbolt lock offers absolute security, the reality is less reassuring. Traditional locks, alarmingly, are susceptible to the practiced finesse of experienced burglars who could snap your deadbolt, infiltrating your sanctuary in mere seconds. Unfortunately, your front door may not be the impenetrable barrier you imagine; instead, it deters only the less audacious or novice intruders.


Smart locks, like all smart home devices, function through data exchange protocols such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, NBIoT, and WiFi. Therefore, it’s crucial for smart lock owners to maintain updated systems, secure phones, and robust passwords – a screen lock is non-negotiable in this digital age. While smart locks can’t prevent an audacious thief from picking your lock, or even smashing your door, their advantage lies in their immediate response – should a breach occur, your smart lock will instantly alert you, irrespective of your location.


Contrary to a popular misconception that smart locks are ‘easy targets’ for hacking, they, in fact, provide an additional layer of security through their connectedness and environmental awareness. This enhanced vigilance bolsters the mechanisms of your traditional locks. Case in point – the Keymitt Smart Lock, designed to detect unusual activities and notify you instantly, even when you’re miles away from home.


Research indicates that burglaries are often crimes of opportunity, with intruders unlikely to invest in breaking the complex encryption algorithms of smart locks. Instead, they’d opt for the simpler task of tampering with a traditional door lock’s deadbolt. Cracking the sophisticated encryption of a smart lock requires substantial resources, skill, and computational power, making it a less attractive option compared to the relative ease of forcing open a traditional lock. Embrace the future of home security – it’s smarter, safer, and offers peace of mind like never before.



You don’t need to be always fishing for your keys


Picture this: you’re having a chaotic morning, scrambling to leave for work, but your keys, ever elusive, have found their hiding spot once more. Sound familiar? It’s an all-too-common scenario for most of us, a minor inconvenience that, surprisingly, takes a significant toll on our time.


According to the “Lost & Found Survey” by Pixie, a savvy solution that uses augmented reality to pinpoint misplaced items on iPhones, Americans spend an astonishing 2.5 days each year searching for lost belongings.


But let’s consider a more severe context: in an emergency situation, the frantic search for keys and the ensuing struggle to unlock your door manually could escalate an already critical situation. This is where a smartly-designed security system shines – it offers not just convenience, but a reliable, fast response when you need it the most.


In essence, a forward-thinking security system is about being prepared for the worst-case scenarios while enjoying a seamless, hassle-free experience in your day-to-day life. Upgrade to smart locks and make the ‘missing keys’ fiasco a thing of the past!

How often have you found yourself plagued by the unsettling uncertainty of whether you locked your door on your way out? Have you ever found yourself doubting if your door is truly locked, right at this very moment? These concerns, akin to the fear of leaving the kitchen stove or iron on, are all too familiar.


But now, there’s a solution. Internet-connected devices provide real-time remote access to your smart lock (and other smart home gadgets) via a secure gateway. This ensures you can monitor their status, regardless of your location. Traditional locks, unfortunately, persist in a state of ambiguity until someone physically verifies their status – an experience that is undeniably stress-inducing.


An additional feature to further ease your mind? Schedule your smart lock to auto-lock each day after a specific time, say 10 pm. With this setting, you’ll never fret about forgetting to secure your door before bed. It’s automation at its finest – offering peace of mind and securing your world, while you focus on restful slumber.



Log Records make life much Easier


Imagine having a detailed entry log at your fingertips, a transparent record of who has accessed your front door and when. This powerful feature is an exclusive advantage offered by smart door locks, empowering you with real-time information right from your smartphone. No longer do you need to wonder what’s happening at your doorstep when you’re away; with a smart lock, you have the power to monitor it all.


But smart devices go beyond providing just security; they infuse convenience into everyday living. Envision this: you’re out of town, yet you’re able to remotely unlock your door to receive a delivery. Or, you’re at work and need to let in the dog sitter – a simple tap on your phone, and voila, access granted! The most significant reward of smart locks, however, lies in the persistent peace of mind they provide homeowners, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.


Embrace the future of home security with smart locks. They offer an amalgamation of safety, transparency, and convenience like no other. Enjoy the seamless blend of technology with everyday living. It’s time to unlock the smarter way of life.



Smart Locks are Hard to Hack


Contrary to common misconceptions, breaching the encrypted code of a keyless lock is not just an exceptionally daunting task, but it’s also exceedingly improbable. Top-tier smart locks leverage cutting-edge authentication, authorization, and encryption technologies. When seamlessly integrated into your home security system, they serve as a formidable barrier against potential thieves and intruders.


(Interested in dispelling more myths surrounding smart locks? Delve deeper into our dedicated post on Common Misconceptions about Smart Locks, and empower yourself with the knowledge of smart home security.)






Smart locks don’t merely outperform traditional locks in adaptability and convenience; they have also become a rapidly emerging enhancement in home security. The relentless tide of technological advancement has made what once seemed like science fiction a tangible reality, bringing forth a wealth of features that we can and should readily embrace.

From securing your home to streamlining access at your office, the heightened security and convenience of smart locks are set to revolutionize your everyday life. The ‘future of security’ is no longer on the horizon; it’s here, and it’s impressive! Are you prepared to discard your antiquated keys and revel in the convenience this cutting-edge innovation brings? Your high-tech journey toward unrivaled peace of mind starts with a smart lock. Welcome to the future.

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