Managing multiple remotes can be messy, then why not Universal Remote Details?

A universal remote combines all the remotes into 1 remote. So you can get rid of the clutter of multiple remotes in a room and settle for just 1 remote. This remote can then be managed by an app on your smartphone or alternatively by your voice command (through Google Home, Google mini or Amazon Echo).

What options are available for a Universal Remote?

After reviewing various devices, the Broadlink RM Pro+ and RM mini IR hub universal remotes were found most compatible with most of the remotes (for Televisions, for lights, for smart curtains, for smart switches) and voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa.

Broadlink RM Universal Remote:

What is Broadlink RM Universal Remote?

The Broadlink RM Universal Remote is a universal remote that can be linked to your appliances that use IR (Infrared) or RF (Radio frequency) remotes, which then using an app through your phone or your home automation system, can control those devices through the tap of a button or voice commands. An example being, when you wake up in the morning you could draw the curtains, by a simple voice command or by the app on your smartphone.

What appliances are compatible with the Broadlink RM? How does it connect?

For appliances to be linked to the Broadlink RM, they need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi and need to be devices which can be controlled by remote control, allowing the Broadlink RM to control those appliances through Infrared waves. Examples of machines that could be used with the Broadlink RM are air conditioners, televisions and DVD receivers.

What are the benefits of a Broadlink Universal Remote?

The benefits of owning a Broadlink RM Universal Remote are actually quite surprising and seem to actually result in a better lifestyle for everyone. A few of these benefits being:

* Healthy sleep – Broadlink RM can adjust the temperatures in your bedroom enabling it to bring it to personalized temperatures by putting in your temperature preferences in the app in order for you to get your well deserved, relaxing sleep along with saving energy by switching your AC on and off to maintain its temperature while reducing your electricity bills.

* Reduction in electricity bills – If you are one who often forgets to turn off appliances around the house, that problem is easily solved, with the Broadlink RM as you can control the devices linked to your Broadlink even while outside your house, therefore enabling you to turn things on and off even in your absence.

* Real-time control – With your commands executed immediately you can save time as something that would have taken you 5 minutes, now took you a few seconds.

* Not needing to keep a hold of a numerous amount of remotes – This is self-explanatory as we being humans often misplace remotes, which can be simply solved by the Broadlink Universal Remote by narrowing them all down to one.

* Being prompt with activities around the house and many more – With the Broadlink Universal Remote having the real-time feature it helps you do things around the house by scheduling them ahead of time which then allows you to prioritize other things and help you utilize your time better.

Imagine being able to attain all this with a simple household gadget that could revolutionize your life at home!

How many devices can be bridged with the Broadlink RM?

There is no limit to the number of appliances you can link, however, the machines you want to link have to be able to be bridged via Bluetooth or Infrared waves (through remotes) along with the Universal remote and the accessory is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

However, please keep in mind that the BoardLink RM Mini 3 does not operate between walls and far distances; a solution to consider is an IR-RF repeater which extends the signals.

These are simple steps towards creating your smart home automation, conveniently, and at an economical price.


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