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How to turn your home into a smart home on a budget of under AED 1500:

Getting started on a smart home journey, first steps!

Turning your home into a smart home can be a lot of work and a lot of money and not everything will add value to your life on a daily basis. There is a huge range of products out there that promise to get the task done without you raising a finger. Well, there’s a place and need for that. In this series you can expect to find a more practical and utilitarian approach to a ‘Smart’ Home.

Start with a Voice Assistant:

All smart home systems start with a home assistant like Alexa (Amazon Echo & Echo Dot), Google Assistant (Google Home & Google Mini), etc.  Since we are trying to stay within budget we recommend purchasing a Google Mini; it gets the job done while keeping the costs low. Google mini is compact in size, seems friendlier (thanks to its soft edges) and fits into any living room style. 


Help, anytime you ask for it

Suggested product: Google Mini: AED 179.00

Add a media streaming device: Now that you have a Google Mini,  let’s add a Google Chromecast 2 to improve your entertainment experience. Google Chromecast 2 enables you to stream all your favorite shows from chrome browser,  your smartphone or your desktop computer on your HD TV. Access video content from providers like Netflix, Prime Video (subscriptions are required) using your smartphone or computer as a remote control. Chromecast 2 is also compatible with the Google Mini, so you’re all set to control your TV with just voice commands.

Google chromecast ultra 4k media streaming dongle

Easy media streaming

Suggested product: Google Chromecast 2 HDMI: AED 209.00

Get security in place: Now that your entertainment is sorted, let’s add some security features. An IP security camera is ideal for homes and streams directly to your smartphone so you can check in on your family, pets and home from just anywhere. The Cleverdog IP Smart Camera will be able to monitor your home and keep you and your house safe and protected even at night with the night-vision mode. This product will also enable you to keep an eye on your children or on older members of the family; since the camera has motion detection it will alert you in the case of an emergency. The camera also allows full-duplex speech to keep in touch or to guide/help members of the house. 


Watch over your loved ones

Suggested product: Cleverdog IP Camera: AED 209.00

Don’t forget the front door: Make entering your home effortless with the Oji Code + Smart Door Lock . With functions like unlocking via the app or PIN, remote unlocking and sending virtual keys OJI Code+ is really the ‘Smart’ lock you are looking for. A feature packed lock that doesn’t skimp on quality either, this lock is really value for money.

oji smart lock

Security, Convenience, Style

Suggested product: Oji Code+ Smart Lock: AED 849.00

Let’s put it together:

Google Mini AED 179.00
Google Chromecast 2 AED 209.00
Cleverdog IP Camera AED 209.00
Oji Code+ Smart Door Lock AED 849.00
Total: AED 1446.00

With these 4 products set up, you are all set to call your home a smart home (without breaking the bank).

If you are willing to stretch your budget out then stay tuned for an article on how to turn your home into a smart one while on a budget of under AED 2000

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