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The Best Philips Wi-Fi Smart Locks for 2023




Wi-Fi Smart Locks bring you a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and sturdy security, designed to make your life easier, safer, and more convenient. With the power of Wi-Fi connectivity, your home’s security is at your fingertips—literally.

Whether you’re lounging on a beach halfway around the world or stuck late at work, these advanced locks offer the ability to lock and unlock your doors right from your smartphone.



The Purpose of Wi-Fi in a Smart Lock


Wi-Fi connectivity in a smart lock provides various benefits, allowing the lock to connect to the internet and enabling a range of advanced features:


Remote Access: Wi-Fi enables you to lock and unlock the door remotely from your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world. This can be useful if you need to let someone in while you’re away.


Notifications: Wi-Fi connected smart locks can send notifications to your phone when the door is locked or unlocked. This can provide peace of mind and help you monitor who is coming and going from your home.


Guest Access: With Wi-Fi, you can easily grant temporary or permanent access rights to other people. For instance, if you have guests visiting, you can give them a temporary code to enter your home.


Voice Control: Many Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks can be controlled via voice commands through devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home.


Logging: Some Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks can keep track of who has locked or unlocked a door and when. This can provide an additional level of security and monitoring.


Automatic Locking/Unlocking: Based on your location data (like when your smartphone disconnects from your home’s Wi-Fi), the lock can automatically lock or unlock the door.


Remember, while Wi-Fi connectivity offers many benefits, it also introduces potential risks. For example, if the Wi-Fi network is not secure, hackers could potentially gain access to the lock. Also, if the internet or power goes down, you might lose some functionality of the lock. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your home Wi-Fi network is secure and to choose a smart lock that also has alternative methods of access, like a physical key or a keypad.



What is the Best Wi-Fi Philips Smart Lock


Philips EasyKey DDL702-1HWS

The Philips EasyKey DDL702-1HWS goes beyond the standard functionalities of a smart lock. It brings to the table a powerful feature: remote video monitoring. This means that not only can you control access to your home remotely, but you can also visually monitor your doorway in real-time. Whether it’s to verify the identity of a visitor or to keep an eye on your front door when you’re away, this lock offers the perfect blend of security and convenience.


Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can view a live feed of your doorway straight from your smartphone, no matter where you are. With this feature, you can say goodbye to the uncertainty of wondering who’s at your door. The Philips EasyKey DDL702-1HWS provides you with the certainty and peace of mind you need in today’s fast-paced world.


Philips 603E-5HWS

Introducing the Philips 603E – an embodiment of cutting-edge technology in the realm of home security. This Wi-Fi enabled Smart Door Lock, armed with fingerprint access, redefines what it means to keep your home safe while offering convenience in ways you’ve never imagined.


The Philips 603E Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock seamlessly integrates with your digital lifestyle. With its robust Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control and monitor your home’s security from anywhere in the world. This lock is more than a tool—it’s a guardian that stands watch over your home, offering control and peace of mind, whether you’re relaxing in your living room or vacationing thousands of miles away.


Philips 9200

Experience the fusion of convenience and sophistication with the Philips Push-Pull Handle. Crafted to revolutionize the way you interact with your door, this innovative handle offers an unrivaled level of comfort and security for your home.

At the core of its design is the intuitive “push-pull” mechanism. Say goodbye to the traditional twist and turn handles—instead, welcome a seamless entry and exit with a simple push or pull. The intuitiveness of this design is matched only by its sleek aesthetics, which add a touch of modern elegance to any door.


Philips Alpha VP-5HWS

Unlock the future of home security with the Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS, a groundbreaking Smart Door Lock designed to offer unparalleled safety and convenience. This innovative device goes beyond the conventional role of a door lock—it’s a comprehensive, integrated home security solution that merges a door lock, doorbell, and door viewer into one cohesive unit.

At the heart of the Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Smart Door Lock is a high-quality 2MP wide-angle camera. This powerful feature enables you to view your doorway with incredible clarity, ensuring you’ll never miss a detail. Whether it’s a loved one returning home or a delivery person at your doorstep, you can see it all, directly from your smartphone.


Philips EasyKey 9300

The Philips 9300 is designed with versatility in mind. It offers multiple access methods to cater to your unique lifestyle, ensuring you’ll never be locked out. Beyond traditional keys, this intelligent lock allows access via an advanced fingerprint scanner, a secure smartphone app, a convenient card system, and a personalized access code.

This quartet of options ensures you and your loved ones can always gain access, even if you lose your keys or phone.



Frequently Asked Questions about Wi-Fi Smart Lock


How does a Wi-Fi Smart Lock work?

Wi-Fi Smart Locks work by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to lock and unlock your door remotely via a smartphone app. They can also integrate with other smart devices for a seamless home automation experience.


Is a Wi-Fi Smart Lock secure?

Yes, Wi-Fi Smart Locks use encryption for data transfer, making them secure. However, like any device connected to the internet, they could potentially be vulnerable to hacking. It’s important to use strong, unique passwords and keep your devices and apps updated for the best security.


What happens if my Wi-Fi goes down?

Most Wi-Fi Smart Locks can still be operated manually using a key or a touchscreen code if the Wi-Fi goes down. However, remote access and other smart features may not work until the Wi-Fi connection is restored.


Can I still use a physical key with a Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

Yes, most Wi-Fi Smart Locks still provide the option to use a physical key as a backup.


Can I control my Wi-Fi Smart Lock when I’m away from home?

Yes, one of the primary benefits of a Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the ability to control it from anywhere using a smartphone app, as long as you have an internet connection.


Can I integrate my Wi-Fi Smart Lock with other smart home devices?

Absolutely. Many Wi-Fi Smart Locks can integrate with a range of smart home devices and systems, such as smart lights, thermostats, and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


How difficult is it to install a Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

While installation can vary by model, most Wi-Fi Smart Locks are designed for DIY installation using common household tools. Some may prefer to hire a professional for installation, particularly if you’re not comfortable with technology or DIY projects.


Will a Wi-Fi Smart Lock work with my existing door?

Most Wi-Fi Smart Locks are designed to work with standard deadbolts, but it’s important to check the specifications of the lock and the measurements of your door before purchasing.


Do Wi-Fi Smart Locks need to be charged or have their batteries replaced?

Wi-Fi Smart Locks are typically powered by batteries, which will need to be replaced periodically. Many models will send a notification to your smartphone when the batteries are running low.


Can I provide temporary access to guests with a Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

Yes, most Wi-Fi Smart Locks allow you to create temporary or permanent access codes for guests, which can be sent to them via text or email.





In a world where convenience and security are paramount, Wi-Fi Smart Locks have emerged as a revolutionary addition to the realm of home security. Offering unparalleled ease of use, control, and integration, these locks are not just about keeping your home safe—they’re about enhancing your daily life.


With the power to control your lock from anywhere, receive real-time notifications, provide controlled access to guests, and integrate with other smart devices, Wi-Fi Smart Locks are truly transforming the way we think about home security.

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