Oji Smart Door Lock for Holiday Home Rentals

Oji launches a Smart Door Lock for Holiday Home Rentals


Oji Code+, a DIY smart lock which can be installed and configured in minutes. A lock, which simply replaces a mechanical key cylinder with a smart one, without having to drill additional holes in the door. Download the app, and get ready to create, send and manage all guest keys from your phone.

Features of the Oji Code+ Smart Door Lock

Unlock Remotely

  • Unlock your door from anywhere in the world (by adding the Gateway)
  • Create, Share and Manage Guest Keys from your phone remotely
  • View user history log
  • Generate – Scheduled and One Time keys
  • Customize the keys (passcodes) from your phone (when within Bluetooth range of the lock or if connected with a Gateway)

No Keys

Unlock by

Send Keys Via

  • Whatsapp
  • E-Mail
  • SMS message
  • Messenger
  • WeChat

Have more than 1 property? All your Oji Code+ Smart Locks can be managed under a Free Enterprise solution. To know more, watch this space for our next article.

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