august smart door lock - best with deadbolt mortise

August Smart Door Locks are now Compatibility with UAE doors


Compatibility of August Smart Door Lock with UAE doors. The August Smart Door Lock is a perfect fit for Deadbolt cylinder locks. It has been tested on many different types of single-cylinder deadbolts but is found incompatible with Medeco, Mul-t-Lock, or single-sided deadbolts.

UAE-specified doors, on the other hand, have a euro-profile cylinder (where the mortise is common to the handle and the lock), which makes it incompatible with the August wifi lock. However, a separate hole can be drilled in the door to fit the lock with a deadbolt mortise (as seen in the image).

If it’s a new door with no mortise fitted, then choose the deadbolt mortise compatible with this wifi lock.

A lock packed with features, this could be your ideal choice, especially if you are a small office or an AirBnb company. With the ease of generating keys from your smartphone, sitting anywhere in the world, for a visitor waiting at your doorstep, the August smart lock is surely one of the best wifi locks today.


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