Everything you need to know before buying a smart lock

Everything you need to know before buying a smart lock

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Smart Locks


Investing in smart locks is a wise decision for enhancing home security. Given that you likely engage with your door’s deadbolt on a daily basis, it presents the perfect opportunity for an upgrade. By choosing an intelligent lock system, you’ll gain the convenience of voice control and the ability to lock and unlock your door remotely using your smartphone, which can be especially helpful if you accidentally forget to secure it.

Moreover, smart locks offer the added benefit of granting app-enabled access to house guests and maintenance personnel, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.


1. Door Lock Command Support


Indeed, utilizing your smartphone as a key for your smart lock is convenient, but what happens if you happen to lose your phone? To address this concern, it is advisable to explore smart door locks that provide four-way access features, such as password entry, RF card, traditional cylinder key, or even biometric authentication.

Certain advanced models on the market cater to all your smart lock needs, boasting compatibility with the latest cutting-edge technologies—Amazon Alexa Key for voice-activated lock and unlock functionality, Amazon Key for secure package delivery, and Ring Alarm integration—all without requiring an extra Z-Wave hub. These features ensure that your smart lock experience is both versatile and user-friendly.


2. Remote Access


You can have limited remote access with the locks using Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi adapters. While you’re at home, it’s enough to monitor your safety; but, if you go too far out, you’ll lose the connection.

Smart locks that support Z-Wave technology allow you to integrate with home security networks. After that, the home network is wired to the internet, allowing users to monitor their door locks from anywhere. With these capabilities, you can remotely open your house, which means you won’t have to wait at home all morning for a courier.

Z-Wave locks do not link directly to your handset, unlike Bluetooth locks. They’ll have to associate to a Z-Wave network instead. The hub can transfer the Z-Wave signal from the lock to something your router can recognize, allowing you to access your lock remotely from any location.


3. Hands-Free Access


To provide an even more convenient and seamless experience, certain smart lock models offer hands-free access capabilities. By utilizing geofencing technology, these locks can automatically secure the door when your phone leaves a predetermined area and can be programmed to unlock upon detecting your return home.

This eliminates manual locking and unlocking, further simplifying your daily routine and enhancing the overall user experience.


4. Battery Life


As smart locks are powered by batteries, it’s essential to compare the projected battery life of the various models under consideration. Additionally, examine features that display the remaining battery life and offer emergency power backup options to prevent being locked out due to a depleted lock battery.


Some models retain a traditional key cylinder as a backup mechanism, while others employ innovative solutions like solar-powered battery backups, ensuring uninterrupted access to your home even in the event of a power loss..


5. Lock Codes


The capabilities of smart locks can differ significantly between models in terms of code management, data storage capacity, and the number of codes they can accommodate. When weighing your options, consider the number of distinct codes you’ll require simultaneously.

Certain devices necessitate using a dedicated app to generate codes, while others allow you to create codes directly via the keypad. Decide which approach best suits your needs and preferences. Additionally, keep in mind other useful features, such as the ability to set expiration dates for codes, when making your decision.


6. Customized Access


Naturally, remotely and individually controlling access to your home isn’t the only solution for managing the entry of individuals when you’re away. Some smart locks offer the option to create custom entry codes, enabling you to assign unique codes to different people, such as family members, gardeners, or dog walkers.

Depending on the chosen model, specific restrictions can be associated with these codes. For instance, you could generate time-sensitive codes for maintenance staff that only function during designated hours or time frames, rendering the codes inactive outside of these periods. This feature grants you greater control over who can access your property and when.

Additionally, you can receive real-time alert notifications, including text messages and emails, informing you when the locks have been disengaged and which code was used. This convenient functionality allows parents to monitor their children’s arrival home from school or keeps you informed about late arrivals.


7. Alarms


When evaluating smart lock features, prioritize security enhancements such as alarm notifications for instances of lock tampering or when the door is inadvertently left open.

Some models offer advanced features that automatically switch to a heightened sensitivity mode after an initial tampering alarm, allowing them to detect any subsequent intrusion attempts. These alarms can be set to ring for varying durations, from a few seconds to several minutes, with customizable auto-off settings for added convenience.

Other smart lock options incorporate motion sensors, which can be strategically placed on vehicles, garden sheds, garages, fences, or other vulnerable locations. The built-in security mechanism triggers an alarm when unauthorized tampering occurs, effectively safeguarding your valuables and providing peace of mind.


Finding the Right Smart Lock for you


Smart door locks are increasingly becoming the norm, offering numerous advantages and greater convenience, while also integrating seamlessly with other smart home features. However, before committing to a particular smart lock, it is crucial to evaluate the specific benefits it will bring to your home environment.

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