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Oji Smart Lock



In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the convergence of technology with traditional home security is a trend that’s increasingly hard to ignore. One brand that consistently steps up to the challenge is Oji. Known for its innovative and user-friendly smart locks, Oji is at the forefront of bringing smart home technology into the mainstream. This year, they’ve outdone themselves again with their latest release – the Oji Smart Lock 2023. This product is an amalgamation of top-notch security features and unparalleled convenience that’s quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners and tech enthusiasts alike.


Here are the top 5 Best Oji Smart Locks of 2023



Oji Code+


Introducing the Oji Code+, a trailblazer in smart door security. This lock marries Bluetooth technology with a user-friendly setup that requires no drilling, wiring, or carpentry work. It’s not just a door lock – it’s a testament to elegant engineering and smart design, promising a hassle-free installation and maintenance experience.
Price: AED 849.00



Oji XT8


The Oji XT8 is the epitome of flexible security. Whether it’s for your home, vacation property, or office, this smart lock adapts effortlessly. Unlocking options abound – choose from a smartphone app (BLE), fingerprint recognition, PIN, or Card. A standout feature is its comprehensive user record, logging who unlocked the door and when, offering you peace of mind with a full audit trail.
Price: AED 2,000.00



Oji Elite


Meet the Oji Elite, a slim and sleek Bluetooth Smart door lock that reinvents how you interact with doors. With its innovative Push-Pull Handle, you can push or pull to open and close the door. The Oji Elite combines compact design with the user-friendly operation to redefine convenience.
Price: AED 2,350.00



Oji Sigma


The Oji Sigma smart lock brings together simplicity and security. This easy-to-install retrofit lock features auto-locking and options to unlock via a smartphone app or fingerprint. Designed specifically for Euro-profile cylinders, the Oji Sigma is a testament to smart engineering, offering a seamless security upgrade for your home.
Price: AED 1,199.00



Oji S617


The Oji S617 is a versatile smart door lock designed specifically for aluminum doors or glass doors with aluminum/wooden frames. It’s robust, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a perfect choice for a variety of environments. The Oji S617 brings the future of door security to the present, ensuring your premises stay secure, whether it’s a chic glass office door or a sturdy aluminum home entrance.
Price: AED 2,000.00




Why are Oji Smart Locks different?



Revolutionary Design and Ease of Use

The first thing you’ll notice about the Oji Smart Lock 2023 is its sleek and modern design. A perfect blend of form and function, this lock is designed to fit seamlessly into any home decor. But aesthetics is not all it offers. One of the defining characteristics of this smart lock is its remarkable ease of use. The lock is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing keyless entry through an intuitive mobile app.


Top-tier Security Features

The Oji Smart Lock 2023 is not just about convenience; it’s about ensuring the safety of your home. It employs advanced encryption techniques to prevent unauthorized access, and it even has built-in alarm systems that trigger in case of tampering attempts. Additionally, it includes biometric recognition, providing an extra layer of security that’s hard to beat.


Remote Access and Sharing

One of the standout features of the Oji Smart Lock 2023 is its remote access capabilities. With the Oji app, you can control the lock from anywhere in the world, granting visitors access or checking to ensure your door is securely locked. Moreover, you can share entries with trusted individuals, making it an ideal solution for Airbnb hosts or those with regular house guests.



Frequently Asked Questions:



How many user codes can be stored in the Oji Touch Password Lock?

Up to 200 user codes can be stored. Two of these 2 are administrator passwords, and the other 198 are for normal users.


How do the rights of an administrator differ from those of a regular user?

An administrator can add new users and delete old users. A normal user can only use their password to access their lock, i.e., lock and unlock the smart lock.


Can all of the user and programming codes be changed in the lock to ensure previous owners do not have access to the house?

Yes, they can be changed. In addition, the lock can be restored to factory settings by the new owner using the previous owner’s admin password.


What if the programming code is unknown, or I forget my access code?

Like a traditional mechanical lock and key, the Oji Smart Locks unlocks using an admin/user password. It is crucial to remember these passwords for security reasons. The lock allows two admin passwords to be added.


Does the device fit standard residential doors?

The Oji Touch smart lock is intended for doors with a Euro profile cylinder and can also be mounted on a new door by drilling a Euro profile keyhole. The lock has an extendable cylinder, which means it can fit on most doors. The door thickness can vary from 65 to 95mm​5.


Does it matter whether the door is left-handed or right-handed?

No, the Oji Smart Locks are built to suit either direction.


How often should the battery be changed?

A reliable battery would serve well between 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of your usage. The lock indicates a low battery with a red light and a buzzer alarm, after which the batteries should be changed immediately​7.


Is my lock secure?

Yes, it is secure. The Oji Smart Locks incorporate a secure design with an anti-breaking strip​​.


How do I set up or change the password of my electronic lock?

The lock provides a process for setting up the first admin password, changing the first admin password, and adding normal user passwords and a second admin password.






With the Oji Smart Lock 2023, you’re investing in a product and a promise of enhanced security and control. It’s more than just a door lock—it’s a revolutionary piece of technology that redefines how we think about home security. It’s a testament to Oji’s commitment to creating products that seamlessly blend safety, convenience, and innovation.

Regardless of your specific needs or circumstances, the Oji Smart Lock 2023 is a product that warrants your serious consideration as you plan the future of your home’s security.”

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