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Code Locks for Spas, Gyms, Lockers – code access mode
A Code Lock without keys can be convenient and hassle-free. These are best used in lockers, drawers, cabinets or cupboards with a keypad or touchpad access. The configuration of the cabinet lock can be set to either, public or private mode access.

The Public mode access would mean, that with every new user, the password sets to zero. Thus, a new user can set his own password. Once the cabinet is unlocked and left open, another user can set his password. Public access mode cabinet locks are ideal in public places where the lockers are shared.

Private mode access would mean that there would be 1 set password with which a cabinet can unlock, making it a single key for unlocking.
A code lock finds its use in gyms, hotels, pools, spa, sauna, leisure centers, play areas, schools etc. or for home use when set to private mode.