The Budget Friendly Smart Lock

Oji Code+ The Budget Friendly Smart Lock 


The Budget Friendly Smart Lock



The OJI Code Lock is a cutting-edge, highly secure system using pioneering technology to ensure the best possible protection for homes, offices, and various facilities. In this article, we delve into this innovative lock system’s features, pros, and cons.

OJI Code Locks, mechanical in nature, grant access only upon correct code entry, making them a popular security solution in both residential and commercial environments. The operation is straightforward: enter the unique sequence of numbers or symbols and the lock grants access. Renowned for their reliability and durability, these locks function without needing electricity or batteries. With the added benefit of customizability, users can personalize their codes for an extra layer of security.



Features of OJI Code Lock


With the OJI Code Lock, ease and security go hand in hand. Choose from a range of unlocking methods tailored to fit your lifestyle:

Smartphone App via Bluetooth: Turn your smartphone into a key. Unlock with a simple tap, courtesy of Bluetooth connectivity.

PIN Code: Set up to 30 unique PIN codes, offering secure access for family members or staff.

RFID Card: Utilize up to 100 RFID cards—an excellent option for larger establishments.

Backup Key: In emergencies, a mechanical, magnetic induction key is your fail-safe.

Smartphone App via Wi-Fi: Experience the convenience of unlocking from anywhere in the world. (Note: Available for Wi-Fi models that include Gateway. Additional purchase required.)



Advantages of OJI Code+


The OJI Code+ isn’t just a secure choice – it’s an industry favorite for safeguarding homes, offices, and varied facilities. Here’s why:

Uncompromising Security: OJI Code+ brings you top-tier security that’s challenging to circumvent. Its dual authentication, mechanical key override, and tamper-proof design ensure superior protection.

Ease of Use: User-friendliness is built into OJI’s DNA. Its digital keypad streamlines code input, while the capacity to program multiple user codes simplifies access management.

Low Maintenance: OJI Code+ is a fuss-free solution. With an easy-to-clean digital keypad and weather resistance, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, requiring minimal upkeep.

Audit Trail: OJI Code+ helps you keep track. A built-in audit trail records all access attempts, enabling efficient monitoring of facility access and detection of unauthorized attempts.

Cost-Effective: Securing your spaces shouldn’t break the bank. The OJI Code+ is easy to install without special tools or equipment and offers an economical yet robust solution for a variety of settings.


OJI Code+ Lock Installation Process


Installing an Oji Code+ may vary slightly based on the specific model and design, but here is a general guide:


Check Compatibility: Ensure your door and existing deadbolt are compatible with the retrofit smart lock you purchased. This typically involves measuring the dimensions of your current lock and comparing them to the new one.


Remove Existing Thumb Turn: On the inside of your door, remove the existing thumb turn of your deadbolt. This is usually done with a screwdriver.


Install Retrofit Smart Lock Adapter Plate: This plate is typically included with your retrofit smart lock. Align the adapter plate with the existing deadbolt tailpiece and attach it to the door using the provided screws.


Attach the Retrofit Smart Lock: Place the retrofit smart lock on the adapter plate. It should align with the tailpiece of the existing deadbolt.


Secure the Lock: Using the screws provided with your retrofit lock, secure the lock to the adapter plate. Be careful not to overtighten and strip the screws.


Install Batteries and Set Up Smart Features: Install batteries into your retrofit lock and set up the smart features following the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves downloading a mobile app and pairing your lock to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Test the Lock: Make sure the lock and unlock functions work properly both manually and via the app. Check that the door can close and latch properly without any resistance.


Remember, always refer to the specific instructions provided. Consider hiring a professional if you’re uncomfortable doing this task yourself or if the installation process requires more complex steps, such as drilling new holes or modifying your door.



Frequently asked questions about OJI Code+



Is the Oji Code+ compatible with all doors?

The Oji Code+ is designed to be compatible with most standard doors. However, it’s recommended to check the specifications and requirements in the product manual or with the manufacturer to ensure it fits your specific door.


Does the Oji Code+ work without an internet connection?

Yes, the Oji Code+ can be operated offline using a PIN code, RFID card, or backup key. However, to use the smartphone app features, a Bluetooth or internet connection is required.




What happens if the batteries of the Oji Code+ run out?

The Oji Code+ provides a low battery alert when power is running low. In case the batteries run out, the lock can still be accessed using the mechanical backup key.


Can multiple users have access to the same Oji Code+ lock?

Yes, the Oji Code+ allows you to set up multiple PIN codes and accepts up to 100 RFID cards, offering secure access for family members, friends, or staff.


Is the Oji Code+ secure?

Yes, the Oji Code+ is designed with high-level security features such as dual authentication, mechanical key override, and a tamper-proof design to ensure maximum security.


Can I monitor access to my home with the Oji Code+?

Yes, the Oji Code+ has an audit trail feature that records all access attempts, useful for tracking access to your property and identifying any unauthorized access attempts.


Does the Oji Code+ work with other smart home systems?

This depends on the specific model of the Oji Code+ and the compatibility of your smart home system. It’s best to check with the manufacturer for specifics on smart home integration.


Always refer to your user manual or contact the product manufacturer or supplier for the most accurate and detailed answers to your questions.





The Oji Code+ Smart Door Lock with Bluetooth is a user-friendly, technologically advanced home security solution that makes life easier. Its easy installation process, which requires no drilling, wiring, or carpentry, coupled with its low maintenance needs, make it a top-notch choice for anyone seeking to modernize their home security.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface further adds to the seamless experience it offers. With the Oji Code+, secure and smart living is just a touch away.

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