Yale IP Camera for homes
Posted by shilpi singh | 17 September 2017| Uncategorized
In the Spotlight: Yale IP Camera

How can I be aware of what is happening inside my house, when I am not there? Finally, there is an interactive solution to your problem, Introducing the Yale Smart Living IP camera the next generation of office/home interaction. Now just sit back and relax in your office , whilst still interacting with your loved...

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Smart Locks gaining popularity
Posted by shilpi singh | 13 September 2017| Digital Locks, Smart Locks, Uncategorized
Smart Locks – Are we moving with changing times? Why, the delay in acceptance?

Taking this opportunity to address a nagging issue in my mind - TECHNOLOGY in our day to day life! Exasperating, isn't it? Are we intimidated by technology all around us? Why are we still in fear of it? With Technology advancing faster than we can perceive, do we have much of a choice? Are we...

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Clever Dog Video Door Bell
Posted by shilpi singh | 11 September 2017| Home monitoring device, Smart IP Cameras
Cleverdog Smart Video Door Bell! Another Gadget or a Virtual Guard?

Just Another new Gadget!!? What Do You think? Let's analyze together..   So often than not, we find ourselves struggling to reach our home to receive THAT parcel. It could be, for the long awaited Gadget you ordered online or the pretty dress or a gift for a friend or that Tennis Racquet which your...

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Posted by raina | 21 August 2017| Digital Locks, Smart Locks
Why Should I Buy a Digital Door Lock?   Have you ever known the feeling of Going Keyless? Imagine yourself, with your hands full and having to open your main door!! Having to dig deep into your bag or pockets for a tiny KEY could be so annoying! Now imagine yourself, with all those bags, standing in front of your door, placing...

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Supplier of Digital locks in Dubai
Posted by raina | 22 July 2017| Blog, Digital Locks
Digital Locks 2017: The Future is here!

Are you tired of forgetting your keys? Have you misplaced them ever? Have you felt the need of just One more spare? Have you ever hidden them under your mat or that potted plant sitting by the corner of your bay window?   Hmmmm...yes, aren't we all guilty of having found ourselves at least once in...

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launching| announcing our blog
Posted by raina | 16 July 2017| Blog, Uncategorized
Welcome to our blog at

Looking forward to building stronger bonds with everyone through a new, friendlier interface at Oji. Moving to a new website, offering you the most innovative Smart products is our new defined goal. Whilst our physical presence as GRAINS continues to exist at retail stores in Dubai at Sharaf DG, E-Max, Jumbo, Eros Digital, Virgin megastore, we...

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Posted by shilpi singh | 25 June 2017| General to be launched shortly

Your One Stop Shop for Smart Products We are still the same, with the same contact numbers (adding just 1 more), offering the same product line, but with a whole new refreshing look! Over the past 4 years, we have received many a feedback from our customers, who have had a strong influence on us...

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IP-Camera baby and home monitor
Posted by shilpi singh | 15 May 2017| Smart IP Cameras
WiFi IP Cameras to Secure Your Loved Ones

Leaving your loved ones with a caregiver other than yourself can be stressful, be it your young children or elderly parents, your pets or even your home to a new house help. Yet situations demand that we do leaving us feeling anxious about what may (more…)

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Posted by shilpi singh | 01 May 2017| Smart IP Cameras
A Smart Doorbell That Doubles As An IP Camera

Ever wished you could know who enters your home while you are away? Ever wondered who’s been walking past your (more…)

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Posted by shilpi singh | 16 March 2017| Smart Locks
Have Your World at Fingertips with Fingerprint Recognition Locks

A person walks up to a door, places his finger on it, the door opens and within seconds he is inside the house and the door (more…)

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Posted by shilpi singh | 07 March 2017| Kitchen, Oil Press Machine
Kick start your mornings!

Ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil both have a place in a healthy diet, and are easily incorporated into your meal. Make a healthy base for homemade dressings with flaxseed oil, while ground flaxseed can be used in baking or added to smoothies or oatmeal. Flax seed oil, great base for salad dressings However each offers different nutrition...

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Posted by shilpi singh | 02 March 2017| Smart Locks
Guide to the best smart locks for you in 2017

Considering a Smart Lock for your home but not sure which one to choose? Have questions about which Smart Lock is most appropriate for your organization? Are you a tenant wanting a smart lock but not wanting to alter or damage your door for installation? Want the perfect smart lock solution to manage your rental property/holiday...

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